Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 and 3 of July 21st goal...

the weather is hot hot hot but I am not not not. I walked yesterday but wimped out at 1.04 miles (in 15.58 minutes mile). The humidity was much more than I had anticipated and much more than I could bare. Tonight I didn't even make it into my work out clothes and did no walking. I REALLY need to just suck it up and get on the treadmill since the air quality is much better inside but I'm lazy. I'm not sure WHY but I am. I haven't figured out how to make the treadmill fun. At least outside the scenery changes. Outside there is a chance you will see someone or something that makes you smile. Outside there (in my mind) is a sense of accomplishment upon returning home from a long walk or bike ride. Let me quess, I'm making excuses again!!


  1. You get a lot of credit for your excuses! They are well-thought-out.

    I've been doing the treadmill for over 20 years. TV and Tivo are what does it for me. I put on a pair of headphones for the sound (so I don't blast the rest of house out), and off I go. Not saying it's a boatload of fun everytime, but certainly there are times that I forget I'm exercising.

    I think the brutally hot weather wears all of us down. I can't believe you weeded this weekend! I can truly say that I would never do that. If there was a particular patch of weeds that bothered me, I would direct the asphalt truck right to it and give the signal to "pour".

    Take that, you stinkin' weeds!

  2. Hang in there girl, don't give up!! Go read this blog, it is an awesome post and will inspire you!