Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantabulous Friday

It's finally friday (ok, almost but Thursday night is close enough for me)!! Yeah for all of us!!

Earlier this week Sam (at Believe In Yourself ) asked her followers to "Count thy Blessings". I had desperately wanted to comment but I'm getting bit comment shy these days because of others comments to my comments on other posts (one commenter made me question my relationship with in God (for a split second) and I didn't take to kindly to the feeling). Had I commented I would have posted that I am very blessed to have my husband (who is my rock), blessed to have my pug (who helps me with my patience and loves me no matter what kind of day anyone has had), blessed to have my job, and blessed to have this blog. This blog allows me to vent; express what's on my heart, mind, and soul without guilt or fear of retribution; and is a humble reminder that I am not alone.

We have all suffered in one way or another. Some have lost siblings. Some have parents. But none have lost their way. We sometimes think we have lost our way. We sometimes we feel like we've lost our way. But we haven't. We're still here fighting our battles and giving a run for the money.

So in honor of all you bloggers, I present Fantabulous Friday. Fantabulous Fridays is when folks talk about things they are fans of (or want to be fans of) and why they think the item is fabulous.

I'll start. But because some days I struggle with things to write (or run out of things to put on my list) I am going to only list 2 things. Besides it's Friday and we're not supposed to have to think so hard on Fridays.

First thing I am a fan of are bikes, most particularly the 1970's style "coaster". I think the big seats and pedal stop is FABULOUS for those of us who are not so coordinated (or have big butts). Mine is Lime green and white (with a blue pinstripe) with a white wicker basket. I bought it for myself last year for my birthday. the longest I have ridden on it is 10 miles and plan on getting a lot more on it this summer!!

The second thing I am a fan of is my Garmin wrist watch. That fabulous beauty tells me how many miles I've done, how long it took to do it and how I did them (at what pace), and downloads onto the computer. It gives me averages and inspires me to move a little further. And sometimes it makes me go faster!!


  1. HI Tori...
    I love the Fantabulous Friday post (although it is still Thursday.. doesn't matter!). And I hope I haven't said anything on any post to make you feel bad... if so, please forgive me. :)

    I love the items your a fan of. Riding your bike for 10 miles is super. I can't wait to do that, really! And to get a Garmin wrist watch to track it all - that's on my want list now! I will have to give some thought as to what I am a fan of...and post it tomorrow. Thanks for the Fantabulous idea!!!


  2. Hi Margene--No-it wasn't you...and I shouldn't have been so sensitive to the other persons comment. I know where I stand on my faith with God and that's what matters. I'm more of a "walk the walk" vs. "talk the talk" when it comes to God. And I have to remember that everyone is different and that different doesn't always mean someone is wrong. People should openly talk about things that are comfortable to them...and I should stop being so sensitive! :O)

  3. Hi Tori,

    I am one of those "sensitive souls" too so I understand. I'm glad I didn't say anything. :)

    My personal family blog (attached to this profile) is private, but my weight loss journey blog isn't linked to my profile yet... that's why I put it in with my comments to help people find it. You can visit my blog at:

    I don't have this blog linked to my profile yet because I'm not ready for everyone who knows me to see our journey... Anyway, so here it it. :)


  4. I understand...I hadn't asked before because I didn't think the family blog was the right blog I was looking for. Sometimes I can be a bit air headed and realize that your weight loss journey blog was right in front of my eyes (several times). Did I mention that I need a vacation??! :O) thanks for being patient with me.