101 things 1001 days

101 things to do in 1001 days
start date: Jan 12, 2015
end date:  Oct   9, 2017

1.    say yes to something I wouldn't normally do (a/o 4-26-16 this is a recur thing because you just don't know what you'll like until you try it!!)

Health Related:
2.    Run 5 miles without stopping
3.    run 1/2 marathon in 2 hrs and 15 mins or less
4.    exercise/keep active for 30 mins at a time 4 days a week
5.    lose 60 pounds (a/o 4.26.16 down 30)
6.    maintain 155 lbs (plus minus 5 lbs)
7.    Participate in a bike race (tour d' donut?)
8.    participate in an adventure race
9.    eat vegetarian once a week all meals
10. learn to cook a healthy dessert
11. run 300 miles in a year
12. try ten new restaurants
13. try a basic meditation technique
14. try an exercise class I wouldn't normally take
15. develop a 15 min workout routine that doesn't require equipment or a tv
16. quit smoking
17. become flexible enough to touch my toes
18. complete, start to finish, a couch to 5k program
19. ride the katy trail

Home Related:
20. eat home cooked DINNER four times a week
21. Participate in the local coop
22. Personally landscape and install back yard sitting area
23. go three days without internet use
24. go one weekend without facebook
25. one night a week, during the week, withstand from internet use while hubs is awake (use as bonding time)
26. clear out and organize clothes closet every six months. Donate/toss whats cleared out
27. once a month walk through house and purge. donate/toss whats purged
28. write a will
29. finish making sunroom a cozy hangout

Profession Related:
30. develop a business model for a business as if I had all the confidence in the world to implement
31. write a short story to submit to Real Simple
32. attend advocare success school
33. twice a month discuss advocare with someone else-learning about products, ways of reaching/establishing customers
34. once a quarter attend networking event
35. find the spark for productivity at full time job
36. learn a new task that is work related
37. make a list at full time job of tasks that need to be done and tackle the ones I find annoying first
38. less internet time during work hours (work first/play after)
39. utilize day timer and calendars routinely
40. read the five books on my nook that I bought years ago but haven't read
41. read four new books a year
42. host an advocare event
43. do a youtube video teaching how to do something

Money Related:
44. sell jewelry (heart ring, diamond earrings)
45. sell freezer chest
46. go a month without buying anything that isn't a necessity
47. buy a lottery ticket

Exploration Related:
48. take an alaskan trip w/sony camera
49. take train trip and photo the experience
50. take weekend bike vacation and photo the experience (katy trail)
51. visit a "100 mile garage sale"
52. Visit Philadelphia
53. Visit Boston
54. Visit new York (Ellis Island & Rockefeller Ctr)
55. Visit Seattle (space needle & Pikes Market)
56. Visit Las Vegas/Hoover Dam
57. see the play "Wicked" (chicago, stl or new york)
58. visit zoo in another city
59. visit a light house
60. plan a girls trip out of state
61. go sky diving
62. speak in front of a group of people
63. attend a pro football game
64. attend a scrapbook convention weekend
65. attend a running retreat weekend

Creativity Related:
66. enter a photo I have taken into a photo contest
67. Post a new photo to social media once a week for two months
68. journal one photo a month to blog
69. catalog all current photos
70. scan old photos and make disk for nieces
71. create wall art from photos and sell at vendor opportunity
72. visit old cemetery and photo the tombstones
73. visit an art museum in a different city
74. enroll in a painting class
75. take a mosaic glass class
76. create book to give nieces about our ancestors
77. crocket 5 blankets for animal shelter
78. journal/blog once a week
79. learn Italian
80. attend a fondue night
81. take a cooking class at dierbergers
82. go to Bret Michaels Concert
83. Go to one concert a year
84. finish designing memorial tree tattoo
85. get memorial tree tattoo
86. inspire someone else to do "101 things in 1001 days"
87. catch a snowflake on my tongue
88. restore a piece of furniture
89. write one new prayer 10 x a year
90. write another "101 in 1001 days" to do Oct 10, 2017
91. attend writers weekend/blogger event

Humble Tasks Related:

92. donate blood
93. volunteer at charity game night event
94. send an anonymous gift to a friend
95. send anonymous gift to charity/someone I don't know personally
96. make donation basket for new charity (charity I have never donated to)
97. volunteer at a soup kitchen
98. leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
99. make dinner and take it to someone in need
100.      write a letter to three people who have made a difference in my life
101.       help with special Olympics torch run

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