Monday, March 26, 2012

Have you all noticed...

just how quickly this year is flying??!  OMG!! Much faster than I remember LAST year!
Not much going on around here...trying to prepare for my 1/2 marathon end of April. I've been sticking to my 1 5k a month for the year (see races) but I've noticed I'm not "really" improving. I'm pretty sure I am experiencing the following: uncertainty and fear. Not really sure what the uncertainty is about (I KNOW I can "do it" (run in case you aint' on the same page); I know I WANT to "do it") or the fear for that matter. Some of the fear is of getting hurt. No offense but I ain't no spring chicken!! But let's be honest, both of those are pretty much excuses. I know how to work out and work on running; I know how to do wisely (I am after all NOT a spring chicken!). Which brings me to a thought I had late last week:

It really is ALL about mind of matter...cuz if you don't mind, it really don't matter! MAKE IT (whatever your it is) MATTER!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back on the wagon again...

I've been struggling with food since last September. In November I stopped tracking my food all together. February I quit WW's eTools since I wasn't even tracking. I knew there was a problem (well duh-my pants are tighter!) but I figured I was back on the wagon when I started exercising again Jan 1st so the weight I gained back will drop back off.  But while having a chat with myself self said "technically you are not "back on the wagon" if you're holding on to the edge with a skateboard under your feet hoping to coast along!" The analogy my not make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. I've been playin around, tinkering with exercise, watching food go from the plate to my mouth but not holding myself accountable (input vs output). the only way I can hold myself accountable is if I see it in writing.  Nothing like a reality check right!

SO I rejoined ww (the whole kabang meetings and all); signed up for more 5k's; and will be looking into the local running club!

gotta go it's storming...and the lights are about to go out!! LOL

Sunday, March 11, 2012

No such thing as Leave it to Beaver...

Many years ago I had an family was not and would NEVER be like Leave it to Beaver. My father was always angry, mom always passive (and step mom too), brother always trying to win my fathers love (but irritating my father instead) and me wishing I could just blend into the scenery. So much DRAMA! Such an unhealthy environment at times. Still can be when I let it. But I choose to keep my distance so that I can work on being a healthy well balanced individual. Some days are better than others. The perfect day eludes me but that's ok; I'm not givin up.

Recently though, I had another epiphany.  My life is NOT a made for Hollywood story where I battle a demon (or two) (and win against them of course!), where I save someone else along the way (becoming a hero), and go on to live the perfect life. With a hunky hot stud who loves me for me (and all my quirkiness) and has tons of money to spend. No matter how hard I've tried, I just can't obtain perfect. There is always going to be "something" that causes discomfort in in my life. So why have I been "sweatin" it?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Better late than never! Virtual 5k and life

As most of you know, I hosted a virtual 5k fun run/walk last month. It was a smashing success in my eyes and I look forward to hosting another one! These virtual races give my pocket book a break while keeping me motivated and accountable. It also allows me to run with bloggy friends I never would have run with otherwise! Quite entertaining and NEVER a dull moment. This 5k wasn’t just a 5k though…participants could do WHATEVER they wanted movement wise for HOWEVER long they wanted. If they wanted to do a 5k they did a 5k. If they wanted to play Frisbee with the kids, they played with the kids. “Kudos” goes out to the following participants (with links to their blogs (or blog post regarding their 5k)-check em out) for helping to make this event a success: Marlene (Mom to the Fourth) Deb (Weight loss and God Whispers); Suzanne (Cows and Everything in Between); Joy (Nuggets of Truth) ; Karen (Life with Karen); and Holly (300 pounds down)
In other news, I’ve started taking vitamins again and kicked it into motivation gear for upcoming running events. I have 52 days until my half marathon. Nuff said right! The vitamins seem to have “made it into” myself because I feel a lil more energetic and my bones aren’t so achy. I’ve also done “extracurricular” activities (movement above my normal day to day walking the dogs) three days in a row (walk 4.02 Sat; walk jog 5.43 Sun; Cycled 7.1 today). I have “official” 5ks scheduled for March 24 and April 14th. I’m feeling confident about it “all” because I’m switching things up to loosen and strength my legs and lungs.  Now to stop filling my pie hole with crap! Thankfully we are almost out of cookies at home (and I did NOT buy any girl scout cookies).

Have a great week everyone! By the way..does anyone have any experience with peri/pre menapause? Any herbal remedies? suggestions?