Monday, October 25, 2010

And we keep marching forward...

Thanks Genie!! I think you jinxed me on the work front. :O) As some of you know..I started a new job a few weeks ago. For the most part, it’s been good. I’d say great but when it comes to working outside the home away from my baby it can never be that great (I don’t understand why they won’t let me bring him to work now and then-He’s potty trained and pretty quiet!)!

Any-who, as per all new jobs there are and will be growing pains. People getting used to you and your work style while you get used to them and their work style (or lack there of). For the most part, again, it’s been good. Yes, I’ve been overwhelmed and cried one day (I’m a big ole baby). But I pulled myself together and sucked it up. My theory is-If I get it wrong I get it wrong; everything can be fixed (with a memo of course). And I’ve been working very hard at not letting someone else’s tude dictate my tude. For the most part this has been working as I’ve not snapped anyone’s head off (yet). There is however one individual that doesn’t like me and IMO has made this quite obvious by the things done, said, unsaid. I really don’t care whether or not she likes me (ha) because I will be here a lot longer than she will (she can retire whenever whereas I have 21 years, 11 months before I can retire w/max benies). But it’s a bit unfortunate. We spend the majority of our days at work. And this is a small office. VERY SMALL OFFICE. “Can’t we all just get a long!!” boohhoooohhoo.

Last week was a pretty stressful week weight watchers wise mostly because of my stress at work. I just couldn’t stop wanting to eat. It made no difference if I was hungry or not or that I said “you just want it because you are frustrated”. If I could have I would have EATEN EVERYTHING including a MC RIB MEAL LARGE everyday. Thankfully I some how kept most of my wits about it all (by the grace of God I might add because I had very little to do with it) and have stayed w/in my points range (barely). Since weigh in is tomorrow, today is the last day of my week. I had my regular 26 points and 1.5 weekly left. I told the hubsters that I was eating light tonight (healthy light) because of the lack of points. So far today I’m doing good…I’ve only used 3 points this morning and lunch will be about 5. I’m hoping that tomorrow means I go down one ww point. If I lose 2 pounds I’m in the next lower bracket. If I lose 4 pounds I hit my 5% goal. Sigh.

Right now I am averaging 2 pounds a week (which is good). If I continue to lose an average of 2 pounds a week I will be at my goal weight in 39 weeks (June 21st 2011-just in time for the big ole 41). You have to be at your goal weight (within 2 pounds) for 6 weeks before you become lifetime. I wonder if it’s feasible and acceptable to have a goal of making my goal weight by May 30th, so that I can be life member by July 5th, 3 days before my 41st birthday?

Quote of the week "A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him." – David Brink

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

still kicking along

Although it hasn't been the best week (it hasn't been the worst either) I've stuck with weight watchers and tracking my food. I've had many moments of aggravation in the last two weeks and am happy to see that I am not turning to food for a cure all. I have had a "screw it I'm gonna eat that donut" moment BUT I've tracked it and worked it into my points. This gives me a sense of feeling that I am letting go of my "all or nothing" tendencies. So many times before I have let my emotions dictate how and what I eat. But this time round. Woohoo for me.

The weight watchers meeting has helped. I think that they (or whom ever said it); being on weight watchers gives me a sense of being in control. I also like that the leaders have been in our shoes. We are all getting more comfy with each other and enjoy sharing ideas, recipes, etc. If things get much tougher (emotionally) I have the option of using my monthly pass to go to more meetings; if time permitted.

Today instead of a meeting I chose to work on my flower bed. Very thankful I did. I was able to get my emotions under wraps and by dinner I was stress free.

Have a great rest of the week. I'm going to the weight watchers open house tomorrow night-hoping to get 3 free months of weight watchers free! That would be such a relief!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not a great weigh in...

I lost one (1) pound this week. I'm not thrilled...I feel like I should have lost more. But I had a feeling "it" wasn't going to be a great number. I'm not sure why I had a feeling (considering I didn't use all the points available to me)but I did and it came true. At least I'm still going in the right direction; very slowly in the right direction. 71.8 pounds to lose. Gosh--did I type that out!! ugh...


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good bye week 3, hello week 4.

It's been a pretty decent week (except for a minor confrontation with the president of our Home Owners Association) and am excitedly awaiting my Tuesday weigh in. I end the week with 12 weekly points left over. If I tracked right of course. I think I did but I don't want to be cocky. Tracking is getting easier and I'm finding that I'm not as "munchy" or eating mindlessly. It doesn't hurt that I started in the new office and all the treats (and people who want to go out to lunch) are at the old office. I'm also amazed that I have not stepped on the scale at home at all this week. I haven't even been tempted (until now of course).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OMG...there is a Santa Claus!!!

Today I weighed in at 747am. Last week was a huge struggle...I hovered at the top of my point range all week and I think I even went over. But then again I do approximate high (I'd rather guess too many than too little). Anyhow...I lost 3.8 pounds this week!! I totally DID rock it!! I'm stoked. And yesterday and today I haven't used any of my anytime points and even ended the day with 1 left over (although today ain't done yet--I could still go for an orange or something).

Please let this continue to be a great week!!! PLEASSSEEEE!

I'll post more later...about the ww meeting! Have a great week!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger...

or healthier and skinnier in my case!! :O)

Wow...It's going on two weeks that I've been on Weight Watchers. This time around I'm actually paying to do the program (before I've learned from friends how to calculate points etc) and I think it was a good choice for me (right now). I'm not confident that I will be able to continue to pay for the program (to attend meetings, go and weigh in, the wonderful website) but I have budgeted myself 3 months of ww at which time I will re-evaluate to see if it something I need to continue to budget in.

Yesterday I did a bunch of running around. It's been a rough past few weeks and my emotions have been a bit like riding a roller coaster. My self esteem has been in and out of the wash. As I was prancing towards the door of one establishment, I suddenly felt "skinnier". I don't know what made me feel that way but I was thankful for the feeling. It's been a long time coming...

Tomorrow is weigh in. I'm a lil nervous because I went over on my weekly points. By late Saturday I was 7 in the hole. Yesterday I ended the day with 4 left over but I'm not sure that that will offset the -7. Even if it does I was at least 3 over. Sometimes eating is hard, especially when you eat out a lot. The quick answer/suggestion is to "stop eating out" but that isn't always feasible around here. Thankfully though the hubs saw my anguish last night during dinner and said "we'll figure something out so that we can eat home cooked meals more often." Thank the Lord! It's also helpful that the weather is turning cooler (our house gets excruciatingly hot when we cook inside...)...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday Weight In and such

Yesterday was my weigh in day for Weight Watchers. I'm down 2.2 lbs...which is nice. After a full week of really really tracking I realize just how quickly points add up. And it's amazing how many points some things are that you think are not many at all. I used five of my points today on a Strawberry banana smoothie from McDonald's. I won't be doing that again for a's not what I want to use my points on (it wasn't the satisfying)! :O)

My body has come back and I'm ready to get moving. I'm trying to decide on a plan of action. One of my past goals was to be able to run 3 miles straight without stopping. I still want to achieve this goal but I'm not sure when a realistic time of being able to do 3 miles without stopping is. I also wonder what kind of exercerise schedule I should work up. all about the details right!

Also, I went to a weight watchers meeting last night. It was nice as well. I'm going to go to another meeting this weekend (try out a different "teacher/spokesperson") to see if it something I want to continue or if it's something I really need.

Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd half marathon in the's what I learned

I am so...thankful. I participated in my 2nd half marathon on Sunday and what an experience. Amazingly I only wavered once prior to the race on not showing up...that was during traffic on the way there. It was horrendous. But I figured I was almost there, why not? I texted One Crazy Penguin to let her know what was up and where I would be.

So I arrive at the race venue at approximately 630am (after sitting in traffic for 35 mins) and decided to hit the john, or porta potty as it is so lovingly referred to, just in case. I soon realized that I hadn't had a number 2 for some time and prayed I wouldn't have to anytime soon. I was fearful. Who really wants to do that in the porta potty with 100's of folks waiting outside for their turn. Well, I didn't have a choice and I'm very thankful for those porta potties. and I'm very sorry to the person who entered after me.

After that I went to stand in line with the "15+" pace line. I was looking for "hot pink knee socks". I saw none. I soon realized I had forgotten to tell Tiina what I was wearing. The race started at 715am and the lines started to move. Still no hot pink knee socks. I crossed the start line at about 736. The first 2 miles were, how shall we put it, hell. So many walkers. I never knew there would be SO MANY WALKERS!! Now mind you, I don't mind walkers; I am a seasoned walker. But there were so many of them (excuse my grammer/puncuation-I've lost my English book) and boy were some fast walkers. I probably did not use my energy wisely the first two miles as I was jogging in and around walkers whose pace was not to my liking. It is no offense to them, I just need space. By mile 3 I had found a zone and was good with it. I would jog a lil, walk a lil and repeat. Over and over and over. This got me through the first five miles; until I realized that my lovely garmin was stating I had gone six miles, not five. WTF (later my pal stated that my strides are shorter than the average thus making it seem I went more miles).

By mile 8 I was beside myself with emotion. I can't even explain it. Although there were some wonderful spectators cheering us on (some even calling me by my name) I could hear individuals from my past saying mean things. I shed a few tears and said to myself "it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it only matters what I think. You're doing GREAT, you can do this." Then I started chanting (silently to myself) a silly lil cheer from grade school. "That's ok, it's alright, you can beat them anytime!" I have no idea why but it got me to mile nine and that's all that matters. Miles 9 to 11 were relatively uneventful. One foot in front of the other. Until I came to this one gal who was yelling at herself. There had already been some interesting folks doing this half marathon (like the old gals trying to get the truckers to honk their horns as were were crossing the bridge and the beauty queen with her hair done to a tee-poofy but to a t) but she took the cake. I've heard of tactics to keep yourself motivated but that scared me (sorry).

I finished the half marathon in 3 hr and 35 mins. 7 minutes faster than my previous half marathon. By myself, with no friend to use as a crutch. My legs are sore, very sore. Had I trained properly I could have done better. But I learned a vaulable lesson. I can jog without feeling like people are staring at me waiting for me to screw up. I was able to find a mental zone and keep going. Besides, I realize, who cares how I run as long as I run.

P.S. Tiina-I'm sorry we couldn't meet; we'll plan better for the next time! I'll be wearing the same outfit so you can find me!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beautiful Day in this neighborhood!!

I just got back from a 3 mile walk. My time wasn't bad (16 min mile) for a pretty leisurely pace. This time tomorrow I will be done with my 2nd Half Marathon, will have met an awesome local blogger, and watched the final home game for the St. Louis Cardinals (yes all this by 3 pm!). I'm looking forward to tomorrows events although I don't know how the who eating plan will go. Speaking of food-my stomachs growling. I've had a yogurt and bowl of cereal today. Entirely not enough to function properly!! :O) I have had 64 ounces of water today!!

I got the promotion at work. It's a bit bittersweet but we're both happy that one of us got the position (although he is still miffed at the system. Said what hurt the worst about the whole process is that he didn't even get an interview even though he made the list of qualified applicants. As you know, in the military you don't get interviews for promotions or for a job change. You're job performance says it all. I didn't remind him that my job performance says it all and I worked hard to advance. I just let him say his peace and we've moved on.). I'm very excited for this opportunity and we will make the best of it!

So anyhow...Good luck to everyone who is participating in a run/walk/outdoor activity tomorrow. Be safe and have tons of fun. Oh, and talk lots of pictures for us to see!! :O)