Wednesday, October 20, 2010

still kicking along

Although it hasn't been the best week (it hasn't been the worst either) I've stuck with weight watchers and tracking my food. I've had many moments of aggravation in the last two weeks and am happy to see that I am not turning to food for a cure all. I have had a "screw it I'm gonna eat that donut" moment BUT I've tracked it and worked it into my points. This gives me a sense of feeling that I am letting go of my "all or nothing" tendencies. So many times before I have let my emotions dictate how and what I eat. But this time round. Woohoo for me.

The weight watchers meeting has helped. I think that they (or whom ever said it); being on weight watchers gives me a sense of being in control. I also like that the leaders have been in our shoes. We are all getting more comfy with each other and enjoy sharing ideas, recipes, etc. If things get much tougher (emotionally) I have the option of using my monthly pass to go to more meetings; if time permitted.

Today instead of a meeting I chose to work on my flower bed. Very thankful I did. I was able to get my emotions under wraps and by dinner I was stress free.

Have a great rest of the week. I'm going to the weight watchers open house tomorrow night-hoping to get 3 free months of weight watchers free! That would be such a relief!

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  1. Hi Tori!

    WW sounds like a very good fit for you! I'm glad you're having success.

    Good luck with the free three months; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!