Tuesday, October 12, 2010

OMG...there is a Santa Claus!!!

Today I weighed in at 747am. Last week was a huge struggle...I hovered at the top of my point range all week and I think I even went over. But then again I do approximate high (I'd rather guess too many than too little). Anyhow...I lost 3.8 pounds this week!! I totally DID rock it!! I'm stoked. And yesterday and today I haven't used any of my anytime points and even ended the day with 1 left over (although today ain't done yet--I could still go for an orange or something).

Please let this continue to be a great week!!! PLEASSSEEEE!

I'll post more later...about the ww meeting! Have a great week!!


  1. Congrats! Have a fantastic week.

  2. And an Easter bunny too!

    Congrats again girl!

  3. What a great feeling to see your hard work pay off! Congrats!