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These are some of the AdvoCare products I use on a daily basis and MY opinions of the products. I DO NOT get paid to take the products; I am purely a satisfied customer turned AdvoCare Distributor supplying MY OPINION to those who come across my blog and think "hmmm I've heard of Advocare and wondered what someone's experience was".

If  you are interested in ordering Advocare, go here to purchase from my page.  If you have questions before you order drop me an email at and put "Advocare question" in the subject line and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

My all time fave product....

Spark Energy Drink

  • Available in Watermelon, Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry
  • Offered in pouches and canisters
  • Our #1 seller
  • The most nutritionally advanced energy drink on the market
  • Sugar-free, long-lasting energy*
  • Surprisingly fast-acting*
  • Contains 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed to synergistically provide a healthy, balanced source of energy*
  • Just 45 calories per serving
  • Sharpens mental focus*
No unnatural energy spike, just a nice easy "be bop" feeling that lasts majority of the 8 hr work day. It doesn't mess with my intestinal system like some of the other energy products out there have. I put this in place of the diet 32 oz soda I was known to have for just a few cents more (the canister has 42 servings and works out to be about 1.46 a serving).  The canister/product page says to add to 8 oz of fluids but I typically add it to my 20 to 28 oz water bottle (I like things "diluted").  I personally would never use it with only 8oz but I NEVER use the "packets to go" in anything less than 16 oz. to begin with so it's all really about how you like those things to taste. I've had all flavors and my favorite is the watermelon, strawberry mango, and grape.  If I miss more than two days (rarity) I can feel a difference (slower, sluggish).

Meal Replacement Shake

  • Available in Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry
  • Offered in pouches
  • 24 grams of protein
  • 5-6 grams of fiber
  • 26 vitamins and minerals and only 220 calories
  • Contains 50% of the daily value of calcium
  • Try it with a Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS®) for amazing results*

I have a shake at least 4 days of the week....typically on my way to work.  The shakes (IMO) are thicker than "typical store bought protein powder" and you use water (not skim milk).  With the meal shake I've added fruit (like the package suggests) to "add more substance" and notice that it holds me over for 4 ish hours.  I found the product not only to be great for my appetite control but VERY tasty. Favorite flavors is the Chocolate Mocha and Berry.  Also available in Vegetarian formula.


  • Helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora*
  • Supports healthy intestinal function*
  • Enhances weight management*
  • Improves nutrient absorption*
  • Aids in good digestion*
  • Provides immune system support*
  • Helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation*
    I can NOT stand constipation and the feeling of bloatness.  Simply put this product (along with Digest Ease) keeps the plumbing working smoothly and timely....


    • Supports healthy digestion and intestinal function*
    • Helps relieve occasional heartburn*
    • Enhances absorption of nutrients*
    • Helps relieve occasional stomachache, acid indigestion and gas*
    • Helps maintain benefits of other AdvoCare® products
    • Use with ProBiotic Restore™ to help re-establish healthy intestinal microorganism balance*
    I take this with the Probiotic I said, It helps to keep the plumbing working as it should and if I run out of the product due to PPTM (Piss Poor Time Management) I suffer for it...LITERALLY!

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