Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New points plus may be just what I need to kick this!

Ok...thank you! I thank you and you and yes you hiding in the corner!! :O) I had a 1.4 loss this week. I was going to say "not outstanding but acceptable" but ya know-it is outstanding because I am one step closer to where I'd like to be weight wise. Plus I will be able to keep it off in the long run AND I can get those wedges (although I probably won't because I bought some ww products to help with my journey).

This week weight watchers rolled out PointsPlus. I didn't really know what to expect (except that changes were on the horizon). I must say that I'm confident about the changes. Many things are more points (not so great stuff) but others are now zero (bananas!! yeah). I think that their thought behind the changes was to focus on filling foods verses food in general. The old system you could manipulate your points to fit more bad food into your day as long as there were points. There were rarely any zero point foods/snacks. With the new system that's changed. ALL fresh fruit is now zero points. Most fresh veggies are zero points. This makes grabbing a healthy snack a lil easier for dorks like me. Before I would justify eating a not so great snack (like a 100 calorie hostess snack-formally one point now three points) for passing on a banana or orange (formally two to three points now zero). With the new points system, me being cheap on points, I will opt for the fruit over the hostess and probablyl have a better sense of being satisfied (another ww goal "eating until satisfyied" rather than "eating to be satisfied"). Because the point system changed, so are the allotted amount of points available to me. Not sure how I will feel about that but because things are more points they had to. So the jury is still out on the over all plan but I'm sure it will work.

Tomorrow starts reverb#10 and you're liable to see some "odd" posts. Reverb#10 is a writing project aimed at reflecting on the past year while considering the future. This project has great timing as I am approaching the end of the first year of my blog. You may not know this but I'm big on reflection, improving, changing myself for the better. I want to be a better person to know even if you'll only know me for a moment. When I die I want people to be happy that they knew me. I want them to be able to take something positive from my existence (even if it's "I don't agree with everything she says but she's an honest, fair person who inspired me to think outside my comfort zone.").

I hope you all are having a great week. I hope that something amazing is going on in your life like it is in my life.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

just counting down...

the moments until the new weight watchers points system is introduced....until then I shall bore you with my chatter!! Ha ha..I just made a funny (as I roll my eyes).

Anyhow...Thanksgiving went well. Looking back I realize that I didn't really have a great plan. The only thing I remember thinking is that "I'm going to eat mainly the things I don't normally get to eat" (Like turkey, green bean casserole, cranberry) and that I wasn't going to gorge myself. And weirdly enough I went into the day with all of my 35 weekly points. Even weirder I left the day with weekly points left over (17 if I remember correctly). Earlier this week I didn't seem too hungry and even had a day where I had to force myself to eat my everyday points. Not normal for me. I think of food ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME. SERIOUSLY I'M THAT BAD.

I had no problems with not using all my points today. Did you know that the Denny's Hickory Grilled Chicken sandwich is 25 points? Yeah, me either. I saw "grilled" and thought "how bad could that be?". Needless to say I ate a lot of zero points for dinner and got my veggie intake tonight. Dinner consisted of steamed broccoli, steamed green beans, 5 steamed carrots, a tomato, and half a cucumber. Thankfully that's holding and was pretty satisfying at the time. Still is but I keep thinking about food and the fact that I bought some puppy chow. Why is it that some people always think about food despite being hungry or not? This tells me I am not keeping myself busy enough!

Tomorrow I am going to go for a walk. The temps will be in the 50's which is fine-I'm a hot blooded person and prefer to walk in these temps. I'm also considering going to the 9 am weight watchers meeting. I'm trying to decide if I want to change meeting times. I currently go on Tuesday nights. I like the leader and most of the folks are about my age. But there is a boy in the group that is doing absolutely great at his weight loss journey. Yes I know that males lose weight easier and quicker than gals but it sometimes hurts my ego (especially after a .6 loss) hearing "oh so and so..what milestone are we celebrating today???" grrrrrrrrr.

Oh, which reminds me, I lost .6 pounds Tuesday for a total of 14.6. I am .4 from my first mini goal of 15lbs and 6.4 from my first 10%. It's safe to say that I am mentally struggling. I thank the heavens I have this blog (and you folks) because with out it how would I keep myself accountable and to whom would I be accountable too? Just because someone doesn't comment doesn't mean someone/anyone isn't reading. Which is just fine. I don't need comments. I need a place to vent.

Tonight/Tomorrow I am going to hash out this exercise/get moving calendar. I was reading something a couple weeks back and a gal said that she does things (sometimes) in ten minute increments. Like a power session. Says that her attention span isn't always long nor is she as motivated as she should. I also remember through my readings that if you do something for 10 minutes that you're likely to continue because you find your mojo. We'll see.

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a quickie...

It's been a nice weekend...very low key and on target-points wise. But I didn't get much done, including my calendar with goals and rewards or regular journaling (my journal, aka blog, helps to clear my thoughts and yes, does hold me accountable). It's amazing how quickly time flies! :O) Never fear, I'll squeeze it all in this week!

Ok...real quick...so this goals and rewards thing. I do like the idea and have come up with a few things for weight loss goals. I still want to work on some walking/jogging goals and prepare a food calendar to help make watching what I'm eating easier (which will be so much nicer once the holidays are over.

for losing 15 pounds: New wedge shoes

for losing 25 pounds: New running shirt that I designed (see it here-design on back of shirt only)

for losing 35 pounds: new running shoes

for losing 50 pounds: new hair cut and color

for losing 65 pounds: spa day (pedicure probably..with the hot rocks)

for losing 78 pounds: GOAL WEIGHT --trip to Mall of America (for shopping and hanging with friends!!)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, for this I am thankful.

It's been a very long week. New programs at work implemented that don't function as described. People are frustrated but are nice enough not to take said frustration out on me (their POC). My job entails helping others do their job more efficetently and in a timely manner. They need, I get. They know I didn't create said frustration and that I'm doing all I can to fix "it". But I am still stressed. I love my job; I love the people I work with. We make a great team (if I don't say so myself). For this I am thankful too. Not everyone gets to do a job they are good at, that they love, with a lot of good people.

Earlier this week I posted of my weight watchers progress. I'm not doing too shabby but I'm not doing all I can either (If only I could just do as much for myself as I do for others. But I don't know how). You, my support system, are phenomenal. You're always quick with encouraging words and great suggestions. One was about small rewards for certain steps that lead you to bigger goal (rather than looking at the huge picture)? I'd seen it done on other blogs. A pedicure for five pounds, new pants for ten, a weekend at the spa for 50. It sounds good in theory but is it right for me? I'm at a point in my life that if I want something of monetary value and I have the means to buy it, I get it. I'm also getting to the point in my life that I'm relatively low maintenance. I only get pedicures in the summer when I am able to wear sandals because my cute toes should be seen by all (right?). I get my eyebrows done once a month because I don't want to be a unibrow. And I've not been buying clothes because besides having plenty (in all sizes I might add 16 to 20) I'd rather wait until I need a whole new wardrobe (IE sizes 14 or smaller since I have very few clothing in that size). So what kind of rewards should I consider?

And then a sad thought hit me on my mind on the way home from work Wednesday evening when I was trying to figure this reward thing out. A sad thought I've experienced before but only when I was much younger. I said to myself that I didn't deserve any rewards...that I'd done this to myself. How could I reward myself for something I should already be doing! Needless to say I have work to do. I do still like the idea of small rewards for the small milestones. It's important to keep myself motivated and sometimes words alone may not keep my going. This weekend I'm going to sit down, with a calendar, and break it all down. New "let's keep moving" goals, healthier food plans, and small rewards for reaching different milestones. Because despite what the little girl inside says-I do deserve it!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1.8 lost for a total of 14 lbs lost in 8 weeks.

I should be happy but I feel like I've got a long way to go to reach my goal weight. It's daunting and I question whether I have the "ump" to make it to goal. I should be exercising more. And I should be content with my 1.8 (average of near 2 lbs a week). But I'm not really on either. My goal was to lose 2 lbs a week with a few 3 lbers in there here and there. Another goal was to be doing 3 miles every other day, working myself to a jog. Neither are being accomplished and I have to be honest and say I know why. And you know why too-you're not stupid. And as the holiday comes upon us I'm not as optimistic as I could be RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. However, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other because I can see slight changes. I will continue to log, track, weigh in, go to meetings. This is my future I am writing about. This is me I am trying to save.

I know that losing the weight like I am is likely to help me keep it off permanently. I mean really, I didn't gain everything overnight so how can I hope to wake up one morning and all of the extra weight be gone.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Odd week...but it will be ok.

I'll get straight to the point: I'm not sure really how I feel about my Tuesday weigh in. My heart tells me it will be fine but my brain isn't so sure. While I've tracked everything, a few of my choices were not on point (pecan apple pie or puppy chow). And those few things ate up a lot of my points that could have been used on real food. But I did stay with in points (although I had to use 3 of my activity points) and this morning I saw the number 204 on the scale (which would be a loss). BUT (there's always a but) I don't like to get cocky about things because cocky usually gets me into trouble. So I will simply say I will accept what THEIR scale says Tuesday morning and work from there.

Today we had a pre-Thanksgiving celebration so that I can prepare for the real deal. I'm terrified of over eating on family gathering holidays. The weight watchers lady leader person said to save all your "anytime" points for that day. That is very hard for me (especially knowing the store sells puppy chow aka chex mix with peanut butter and chocolate). I like treats. Some days I am good and have "healthy" treats (yogurt, jello, sherbet) that are 2 pts or less. But other days I really really need (or think I need) to for-go good food options so that I can have the 9 point shortbread cookie from St Louis Bread Co. Anyhow this week I was able to save 14.5 of my weekly points for our pre-Thanksgiving festivities. It was clearly not enough when I was introduced to Pecan Apple Pie from Cracker Barrel. I had two small pieces. I wasted 20 points. YEs, I said 20. and that's only if I calculated correctly. Ok..it'll be alright. I had some activity points...It will be ok....my week isn't shot....

Have a great great week...and I'm looking forward to Tuesdays weigh in!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

well, it was a loss....

not much of one but a loss none the less. I weighed in this am and was down .8 of a pound. I was a bit caught off guard because the scale at home said something slightly different. But it's cool-just means I'll lose more NEXT week! :O)

I also realized that there was a problem with my numbers. When your first or second number in weight changes, so does your daily points allowance. I had expected it to go down a couple of weeks ago when I went under 210 but when I went to the online tools, typed in my loss, the computer never changed. And it should have. So for the last two weeks I've had seven points too many each week. I'm awful lucky I didn't lose less or gasp...gain!

But it's all good. I've got under control. I've got the fridge stocked with one point weight watcher yogart (they was on sale!! :O)~ And I know I'm gonna rock next weeks weigh in!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Down 2.4 and feeling great

I'm feeling great folks-it ain't no lie! I feel like I have a little bit more control these days. I don't always make what other would think to be the best food choices but I feel just fine. I know that in the future I will have to address certain issues of over eating but for right now I just don't want to ever feel deprived. Life is just too short to deprive one self.

Kind of funny thing before I sign off for the night. Last night before my ww meeting I logged in my loss. Each week you log in your progress it will have a little message for you (great job, keep it up). Well this week there was a bit of a nasty gram despite my 2.4 loss. It said "you are losing too much weight too quickly...doing this could cause health issues in the long run. Please consult your physician." I'm averaging 2.3 pounds a week. The most I've ever lost in one week was the 3.8. I kind of snorted at my computer because what do these folks expect? We sign up to learn to control our eating and follow the guidelines as directed. If you go from eating 60 plus points a a day to no more than 31 points a day of course your going to lose pounds. right? I mean what else is supposed to happen?

I'm not worried about it though. I know my body. I would be more concerned if I lost 8 pounds the first week or consistently lost 6 pounds a week until my goal weight. My goal is and will continue to be to lose no less than 2 pounds but no more than 3.5 pounds a week (and that only for a couple weeks here and there because I want to be at my goal weight (140) by June 1st 2011).

Have a great week!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank heavens halloween is over!!

1st off...I'm so glad that Halloween is over!! Although I have too much Candy left over, I've regained my composure. Or shall I say discipline. I don't know what came over me but I gobbled up over 10 small pieces of chocolate. Yes, I logged it ALL! What a great waste of points. It was good but not that good! :O) I will say that some good has come out of it...I learned how to make cabbage soup. It was delicious!

Last week I lost 2 pounds at weight watchers. Tomorrow is weigh in and we shall see. I'm 2 pounds away from my 5%. I won't say more--they're all greedy thoughts anyhow (like how I"d love to lose 3 pounds or even 4 just cuz it'd be nice) but I'd be quite satisfied with 2 pounds.

Exciting news on the personal front: I'm signing up for the Sweat4pets 5k that will take place Nov 14th in my area. Sweat4pets is a 5k/10k run or 1 mile fun walk that raises money for Operation Spot (Stop Pet Overpopulation Today). Their mission is to "facilitates affordable spaying and neutering by area veterinarians; advises on public policies about spaying, neutering, and responsible dog and cat care; educates the public about responsible dog and cat care...). Anyhow, I contacted the gal to make sure I could participate (since the flyer said 5k run) and she assured me that it was ok to jog/walk the 5k if I choose. I so choose!!!

Ok, so before I close let me tell a few things I've learned about myself this week. I learned that:

*I do like squash AND zucchini
*I can make cabbage soup (AND like it)
*I can stick to the points plan despite my lousy choices and
*things are more fun if I pay for it; literally and figuratively speaking

Yes, I am a glutton for punishment but hell, you only live once!