Monday, May 31, 2010 I was saying....

...quick recap of last weeks goals. My goals for the week were:

1) Drink 106 oz (min) of water (no additives-just straight water)
(did this with NO problem. Most days I exceeded my minimum...)

2) get straight out of bed right when the alarm goes off at 6am all work week
(Ummmm...not so well on this one...I was able to get moving by 630 each work day...)

3) Mon, Wed, Fri go to the gym during lunch for 30 mins of cycling
(Ah yeah...REALLY need to work on this-managed 1 day during lunch)

4) take my multi-vitamin and other supplements each morning prior to leaving the house (totally smoke checked this one..until the which time I would have to go back to take them)

5) brown bag lunch 4 of the 5 days of work
(totally smoke checked this one too!! yeah for me-ate 4 of the 5 days at work by bringing my lunch)

6) write down what I eat
(Another one I need to work on...was real strong at the beginning of the week but then lacked enthusiasm towards the end)

On one hand I didn't do so bad. I had a very upbeat week and am sad to see it go. I hope that the weeks ahead continue to be upbeat because it is so much better than the alternative!! The water consumption was A LOT easier than I had anticipated, as was the brown bag lunch, but I forgot how hard it can be to write things down that I eat. Thankfully (and amazingly) by the end of the week my "snacking" had pretty much vanished. I bought a bunch of fruit (bananas, apples, oranges) and found that those filled some voids nicely. There were a few days that I ate very minimal (so unlike me) and had I taken the time at 5pm I could have easily written down what I had for the day. Shoot-to this day I can still remember what I had weds and friday(banana, hardboiled egg, salmon patties, orange, a cup of coffee, and tons of water).

So this week, what's on the goal list??? I dunno...I haven't mastered the first six. And I'll be honest-I'm not digging the writing stuff down--Is it really worth it?

Monday, May 24, 2010

I love Mondays and special awards!!

I am not normally very excited about Mondays but lately I've been having some AWESOME Mondays so I think I shall love them now!! :-)

I did very well today with my goals...I've already drank 115 oz of water, took my multivitimans/supplements, took my lunch (samlon patties no bun, hardboiled eggs, and homemade "salsa dip"), and wrote down the items I put into my mouth. I've just got to put more effort into the getting up early and 30 mins exercise (although I did break the exercise up into 15 min increments I want to do at least 30 mins at a time). I'm confident that as the week (and month, year, etc) progresses, my goals will fully be met. I'd also like to take this moment to thank all of you who stop by to read what I's nice to have a sounding board.

Sam over at Believe in Yourself ( or go to the right of my page for the proper link!!) awarded me with the

Thank you so much Sam...I'd love to properly link your page but I think my computer is too old to work with blogger correctly!!

So the rules of this award, give it to 7 people, and tell you 7 things about me you didn't know. I'm excited at the opportunity to tell you all a lil something different about me but please bare with me as I post my 7 folks--this computer is on it's last leg and doesn't always cooperate with me/blogger. For whatever reason it won't link within the post, so I will post some of the web-pages but for easy "clicking" look to the right of my page for their post links (in the "worth the read" section under followers).

1) Genie at Diet of 51. She is such a kindred spirit and I feel such a connection with her. I know that with her this journey is possible. She is inspiring to me with her open and honest personality. And knows how to pick herself up, dust off, and move forward.

2) Kat at Kat's Adventures in Dietland. Kat is very inspirational (get used the word folks..LOL...I LIKE IT!!) as well and often does reviews of items and lets blogger land know what she thinks of those items. Sure saves me some money!! :O) She has also helped with my journey and has been with my blogging journey since the beginning; Jan 2010.

3). Brandi at Awaken the Strength ( I love reading Brandi's blog...I feel like it's my secret induldgence (NO I am not wierd). She seems so organized, so disciplined, family oriented...she is very inspiring. It's a very pleasant blog to read.

4) Runnin Southern at Another wonderful blog very worth reading. I don't know too much about her but I love reading her blog. She is open about her training and goals.

5) Trisha at Butter Butt Chronicles (over the right but here is her link Funny gal, keeps it real (and in check)...she's new to blogger (at least new to me!!) and definetly worth the read for inspiration and smiles!

6) Jen at Setting You Free ( Very uplifting, inspirational, and an awesome cheerleader. She won the Gazette Healthy Challenge 2009 and blogs about it and her journey to a healthier life style.

7) Shelby's mom at Go Pug Yourself ( This blog is NOT weight loss related BUT so much fun to read (when she posts). I am a dog lover and a pug owner. They have such wonderful personalities!!

Ok, seven (7) things you don't know about me and probably wouldn't know unless asked:

1) I met my husband via online. Long story short, I used to send Christmas cards to "Any Soldier". In 2001 that was canceled due to the Anthrax someone created websites for each branch for folks like myself to write them a Christmas message. He responded to my post and the rest is as they say, History!

2) My mom died of uterus cancer 1 week after my 25th birthday. She was diagnosed 2 months before was quicker than anything I had ever seen or felt. It was extremely hard and still a challenge. I'm actually surprised I survived. But I'll be fine...really.

3) I love reality tv. I know it's stupid and a waste of time. But I love it. It takes me to a happy place! My fave is Big Brother and Amazing Race.

4) I have a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and got it for myself, not to advance myself career wise. I had gotten my Bachelor's degree because I was told years ago how much I needed it. During that process I found that it really wasn't "all that". If I get a promotion because I have my degree's yay for me but I really got my Master's to prove that I could do it FOR ME, that I was smart enough, and that a lil elbow grease NEVER hurt anyone. Getting my Master's has brought me alive and encouraged me to really reach for the sky for personal growth.

5) I am a total geek and that ain't no lie!! I'm very awkward in social environments but I am working on it. I get really nervous around others and the devil on my shoulder is really quick to tell me about my downfalls.

6) I love adventure and flying by the seat of my pants. I love traveling and running loose like a kid. My husband is not any of those things!! :O)

7) At 18 I moved from a town of 4000 people to the the suburbs of Chicago with 2 people I barely knew. What a learning experience that was!!

Have a great week everyone. I look forard to reading all of your blogs. I thank you for your inspiration and motivation. If I did not mention you as one of my 7, I apologize; it isn't personal and I'll get you all the next go round!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a new week...

New week starts tomorrow, Monday May 24th. My goals for the week are as follows:

1) Drink 106 oz (min) of water (no additives-just straight water)

2) get straight out of bed right when the alarm goes off at 6am all work week

3) Mon, Wed, Fri go to the gym during lunch for 30 mins of cycling

4) take my mulit-vitiman and other supplements each morning prior to leaving the house

5) brown bag lunch 4 of the 5 days of work

6) write down what I eat

I'm starting with just six because I need to get back into the swing of setting the goals and following through. Although I am sure I will weigh myself often I am not going to "obsess" over what the scale says. This week I am going to put A LOT of focus on what goes into my body. If I'm smart and ambitious I will write down how I'm feeling when I eat (happy, sad, hungry, not hungry).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does slow and steady really win the race?

I've been wondering lately if slow and steady really wins the race. Actually I've been a little obsessive about it but that's just how I get. And to be completely honest I don't think slow and steady wins the race. I think slow and steady KEEPS you in the race...which (IMO) is more important than winning; at least how it pertains to weight loss and living healthy. I don't just want to win the battle of the buldge; I want to keep it away forever.

For my journey I have been attempting to surround and supply myself with the proper tools for better, healthier, sanier living. Hanging out with individuals who care about their health, who are upbeat and motivated. I've been working very hard at keeping my mental state in the positive and finding active ways to combat the grouchies. I keep very little "junk" food around the house and make a concerted effort to keep moving. So far so good because I am down another 2 glorous pounds. Ok so it's a very small loss but I am VERY happy with it because it's in the right direction! And I'm also now in a size 16 verse my 18' what I didn't see on the scale I am seeing in the clothing!! yeahoo for me!!

In keeping with my new pal Diet51 (at - sorry can't get link thingie to work right!!) I've decided to share some very exciting news. Heck I'm beginning to think of her as my good luck charm but let's be honest...all of bloggerland is my good luck charm (you help keep me sane!!). Anyhooo...I got a bonus at work!! I'm so very excited because bonuses come few and far between where I work. My goal at work is to make every boss wish they had me as an assistant; to make every co-worker wish I were in their group. You may think that's conceited of me BUT I'm there to help everyone there do their job to the best of their ability. And someone (my boss-did I mention I have the COOLEST boss EVER!!) noticed. And it made me feel like a million bucks. And on the verge of student loans being due I get the bonus which enables me to get closer to paying off my car. I have like 3 payments left!! SOOO excited.

Other exciting news is that there are three new additions to my family...Greta, runner, and lil player....they will certainly come in handy in keeping me moving!!!

Greta I bought greta (garmin gps FR60) with garage sale funds...shhhh don't tell my husband!!

Runner My new New Balance running shoes I got back on admin assistant day from my group (I have a fantastic group of folks that I work for who are very into living healthy).... photo of lil player...lil player is a portable dvd player donated to me from my gal pal at is going in front of the treadmill for those rainy days!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No more "Just one more"

Changing negative habits is proving to be quite the challenge; of course if it were easy/easier everyone would be changing negative habits! But none the less, no matter how long it takes me, I shall trudge on like a “good healthy girl” even long after I have “gotten it right”. “Gotten it right” meaning I’m eating healthier, exercising on a consistent regular basis, and treating myself with the respect I deserve despite any short comings. Although not there yet, I will be. Eventually.

I’ve been exploring the “less is more” theory. Like a mad women I’ve been scouring the house for “stuff” to sell at our garage sale in hopes of getting rid of as much clutter as possible (Because less is more right!?). Yes, a garage sale. Places I love to go but hate to have. I get very excited when I find a “steal of a deal” and nervous at the thought of selling my stuff to strangers; fearful of not only eventually needing what I’ve sold but of my “steal of a deal” going to someone unappreciative or rude. Silly I know but I am very particular of MY things. Or so I thought.

What a pity that I don’t treat MY being with the same fearfulness. I realize now that I sometimes treat inanimate items better than myself. An even sadder thought is the realization that I sometimes treat inanimate items with the same disregard as I do my body, mind, and soul. That “steal of a deal” lands in the hall closet after one use (or even worse after never being used) because it “just didn’t work out as I thought it should.” Time after time I disrespect myself by eating just one more bite; by consuming just one more drink; by staying up later for just one more show. Time, energy, and money wasted for what? A temporary excitement? Tsk tsk on me. At 39 I do know better.

It’s time to REALLY purge; and not just my inanimate items. I am 73 pounds over my goal weight. Seventy three pounds!! Honest questions, deserving honest answers, will be asked. Do I REALLY need this? Will this REALLY lead me towards my goal weight or away? Is this REALLY making me happy or am I encouraging myself to be happy because for “just one moment” I felt whole and I don’t want to lose that feeling?

Without even truly realizing it, I’ve already started on this “project” (less is more/one less). Rather than eating both halves of my subway sandwich yesterday, I only ate one and saved the second one for today. Rather than drinking the entire soda last night, I only drank half. And I didn’t even feel bad for pouring the rest of it out! So yes, less REALLY is more because I feel at peace with my lil ole decisions; I feel fulfilled!

Friday, May 7, 2010

#10---Less REALLY is MORE

Something hit me today...soemtimes-less is often more. Yes, I've known this for years but for some reason (as I was preparing for a garage sale) it REALLY hit home today. Too much clutter, whether it's physical items, emotional items, or edible items, really boggs a person down. It fogs peoples perspective and can hold a person back.

It's ok not to keep everything (physically or emotionally) that everyone has given me or that I have brought on myself. It's ok to let go (or give away if it is a physcial item). No one will hold it against me and if they do that's THEIR problem.

It's ok to buy only one or two of an item when they are on "sale or clearance". The merchants will not stop selling it and if they do there's probably a good reason for it.

And it's ok NOT to eat everything on my plate; it's ok not to eat everything at once. If I"m hungry, eat it; if I'm not--either save it for later or toss it. Mom, I know there are children starving somewhere else but it's ok to save some for later.

So from this point forward, my number 10 goal in life is: Follow the "less is more theory". I will learn to buy, cook, and eat in moderation, rather than horde everything possible. Until May 31, 2010 I will only buy the neccessity food items (milk, yogart type things) and have the cabinets cleared of "excess" as well as unhealthy foods; at that time what is left and can be donated to the food pantry will be donated, the rest will be trashed. After that I will utilize a grocery list and not buy more than two of the same item (unless of course it's things like yogart or fruit cups). I will no longer buy the 3 pack toothpaste since there is only one person who uses regular toothpaste (I use pro enamal sensodyne (sp) and it's only sold single pack). I will refrain from purchasing items that I have no real use for (ie wicker basket because they are only x$ and would be great for storage) and bulk items such as tea, cocoa, sweet n low and etc.

It's ok to "splurge" but I need to set limits and follow those limits. I must be able to answer the following questions (about physical items) with a yes; Is it a neccissity (ex bra/undies)? Will I use it on a regular basis? Did the previous break (ex dishwasher, microwave-those fall into "it's not a neccessity but it sure makes life nicer")? As for splurging on food items I need to ask myself: Why am I wanting to splurge (am I splurging because I'm upset?)? How much activity have I done in the 7 days before? Is there a healthier alternative to the splurge?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So to the drawing board I go…

Ok…so last week I talked about the fact that my brain NEVER turns off. I am always thinking about someone or something; and sometimes that “something” is static. A great gal (katdoesdiets @ mentioned that maybe I needed to “work towards a new goal?”. I admit, I kind of scoffed at her because my 1st thought was “I have set goals!” But after thinking about it (over and over again) I realized that she could very well be right. I have no new goals. And the “goals” I have set were written about a year ago. And to be honest, I haven’t re-evaluated them lately (and wonder if I ever did). A while back on “A Journey to a New Me…” I posted 20 wishes that I consider goals (of which I have only completed one-compete in ½ marathon) but I have yet to post specific goals as they relate to my true journey (on improving my “Mind, body, and soul”).

I started this blog as a bit of a journal; to document my thoughts on improving my “Mind, body, and soul”. My journey is about improving how I view myself as well as how I view things that I let into my system (words, food, emotions). It’s not just about changing my weight but changing how I let that weight accumulate on my body. Some of the things I have posted is that I want to improve my self-esteem, find that fearlessness I used to have, find courage, and discover who I really truly am.

Last summer (summer of July 2009) I wrote down a few goals on a pad of paper. They were:

· to be 150 lbs by July 8, 2010 (which at the time was do-able-my starting weight was 215 and I am now at 212)

· run/jog 3 miles a day 4x a week by 12/31/10 (thank the heavens I still have time to work at this as I can only jog 1.5 miles at a time and I don’t do it 4x a week) BTW I currently WALK 3 miles a day 4x a week

· 30 mins on the treadmill 4x wk @ work 1x on weekend (too broad—30 mins of what on the treadmill?)

· Travel around the block (.5 miles) 2x a day w/dog (we do this 3x plus a day—he likes to walk)

I realize now that I have not held myself accountable, nor have a set specifics on how I planned on achieving any of theses goals. I also didn’t include the mental and emotional goals I have for myself for improving nor did I WRITE THEM DOWN. Yes I assumed I had good intentions but if I am unclear on what I’m working towards how can I go “all in” and give it my all?

As Ralph Marston (at">) says “Real, solid, unwavering commitment brings the power of purpose to what you're doing. Be truly committed, and it happens.”

So to the drawing board I go...