Friday, May 7, 2010

#10---Less REALLY is MORE

Something hit me today...soemtimes-less is often more. Yes, I've known this for years but for some reason (as I was preparing for a garage sale) it REALLY hit home today. Too much clutter, whether it's physical items, emotional items, or edible items, really boggs a person down. It fogs peoples perspective and can hold a person back.

It's ok not to keep everything (physically or emotionally) that everyone has given me or that I have brought on myself. It's ok to let go (or give away if it is a physcial item). No one will hold it against me and if they do that's THEIR problem.

It's ok to buy only one or two of an item when they are on "sale or clearance". The merchants will not stop selling it and if they do there's probably a good reason for it.

And it's ok NOT to eat everything on my plate; it's ok not to eat everything at once. If I"m hungry, eat it; if I'm not--either save it for later or toss it. Mom, I know there are children starving somewhere else but it's ok to save some for later.

So from this point forward, my number 10 goal in life is: Follow the "less is more theory". I will learn to buy, cook, and eat in moderation, rather than horde everything possible. Until May 31, 2010 I will only buy the neccessity food items (milk, yogart type things) and have the cabinets cleared of "excess" as well as unhealthy foods; at that time what is left and can be donated to the food pantry will be donated, the rest will be trashed. After that I will utilize a grocery list and not buy more than two of the same item (unless of course it's things like yogart or fruit cups). I will no longer buy the 3 pack toothpaste since there is only one person who uses regular toothpaste (I use pro enamal sensodyne (sp) and it's only sold single pack). I will refrain from purchasing items that I have no real use for (ie wicker basket because they are only x$ and would be great for storage) and bulk items such as tea, cocoa, sweet n low and etc.

It's ok to "splurge" but I need to set limits and follow those limits. I must be able to answer the following questions (about physical items) with a yes; Is it a neccissity (ex bra/undies)? Will I use it on a regular basis? Did the previous break (ex dishwasher, microwave-those fall into "it's not a neccessity but it sure makes life nicer")? As for splurging on food items I need to ask myself: Why am I wanting to splurge (am I splurging because I'm upset?)? How much activity have I done in the 7 days before? Is there a healthier alternative to the splurge?


  1. Hey Tori!

    I see myself in your shopping habits. The good news--for you--is that you've realized this over ten years sooner in your life than I did. There is HOPE for you!

    Believe me, you never want to look at an owl collection and say, "What the hell was I thinking?" I mean, you can't even sell old owls at a garage sale....

    When I look at stupid stuff that I actually spent money on, I think of the additional time I'll spend in a cubicle as my punishment....

    So, you are so right that "less is more". Stick with that, and you will not regret a worthless owl collection someday.

    Happy Mother's Day to Fredbird's Mom!

  2. Write some more about less, because I need some inspiration and to set some goals! C'mon, I need to get fired up!

    Coochie, coochie, cooo, Fredbird.

  3. are soooo sweet....and very inspiring...I'll get that post up today!!

    Fredbird sends some kisses your way....