Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does slow and steady really win the race?

I've been wondering lately if slow and steady really wins the race. Actually I've been a little obsessive about it but that's just how I get. And to be completely honest I don't think slow and steady wins the race. I think slow and steady KEEPS you in the race...which (IMO) is more important than winning; at least how it pertains to weight loss and living healthy. I don't just want to win the battle of the buldge; I want to keep it away forever.

For my journey I have been attempting to surround and supply myself with the proper tools for better, healthier, sanier living. Hanging out with individuals who care about their health, who are upbeat and motivated. I've been working very hard at keeping my mental state in the positive and finding active ways to combat the grouchies. I keep very little "junk" food around the house and make a concerted effort to keep moving. So far so good because I am down another 2 glorous pounds. Ok so it's a very small loss but I am VERY happy with it because it's in the right direction! And I'm also now in a size 16 verse my 18's...so what I didn't see on the scale I am seeing in the clothing!! yeahoo for me!!

In keeping with my new pal Diet51 (at http://dietof51.blogspot.com - sorry can't get link thingie to work right!!) I've decided to share some very exciting news. Heck I'm beginning to think of her as my good luck charm but let's be honest...all of bloggerland is my good luck charm (you help keep me sane!!). Anyhooo...I got a bonus at work!! I'm so very excited because bonuses come few and far between where I work. My goal at work is to make every boss wish they had me as an assistant; to make every co-worker wish I were in their group. You may think that's conceited of me BUT I'm there to help everyone there do their job to the best of their ability. And someone (my boss-did I mention I have the COOLEST boss EVER!!) noticed. And it made me feel like a million bucks. And on the verge of student loans being due I get the bonus which enables me to get closer to paying off my car. I have like 3 payments left!! SOOO excited.

Other exciting news is that there are three new additions to my family...Greta, runner, and lil player....they will certainly come in handy in keeping me moving!!!

Greta I bought greta (garmin gps FR60) with garage sale funds...shhhh don't tell my husband!!

Runner My new New Balance running shoes I got back on admin assistant day from my group (I have a fantastic group of folks that I work for who are very into living healthy)....

Sorry...no photo of lil player...lil player is a portable dvd player donated to me from my gal pal at work....it is going in front of the treadmill for those rainy days!!


  1. Great post. Question why am I not on your blog roll of sites to follow?:( I love you watch was it expensive? I want to get something to help me know my pulse and heart rate when I exercise. I got new balance shoes too but can't wear them both yet till my foot gets better. And 2 pound lose is a perfect loss. Small and steady is the only way to lose. Congrats!

  2. Not sure why you're not showing on the blog roll-I'll find out and fix it in a sec. The watch was a tad expensive (IMO-at $199) but going to be totally worth it because of the GPS (it will calculate my distance more accurately than the Mapmyrun site)!! I've got a "regular" watch that has a stop watch, heart rate, and step counter I can send you if you want?? Now that I've got the garmin I won't need it (I used it mainly for the stop watch to get an accurate time). It's a couple of years old and even though it's in great condition it wouldn't sell for much.

    I'm really very excited today...I love putting on clothes that are loose!

  3. Tori!

    A BONUS!! A BONUS!!! Snoopy doing his happy-dance is in my head for you! It's not just the money... it's the recognition.

    Of course, cars don't get paid off with recognition unless the rec turns into a check!! So, congratulations! And that it was a surprise makes it so much sweeter!

    They love you; they really love you! You're going to be my good luck charm and role model for my goal of finding a satisfying job in the coming months. (Thanks so much for the kind shout-out.)

    I'm all over slow and steady. You are so right about that pace keeping us in the race. The hare often gets thrown off the track at the first bump from excessive speed. Cwaquzee rabbit.

    So many metaphors, so little time! I think I understand what you wrote regarding metaphors about other people/relationships in our lives, but I would like to read more. Sounds deep.

    Loose clothes do rock! Truly something to marvel at and enjoy for every moment of the day. There is nothing worse than sitting at a desk in clothing that feels like bungee cords stretched around my body. Uhhhgggg!

    Two pounds is a good solid result, and I'm sure you're toning up with your program. Going down a size is conclusive evidence. You're got the tools, the attitude, loose clothes, a bonus, and the photo finish at the 5K; it's all good for you, Girl!

    And ya got Freddie. Love that Freddie with the face that has launched a thousand smiles.

    Have a great day reveling in the spoils of your victories. vicTORIes!!

  4. I think you're completely right. Slow and steady doesn't win the race, but how many people actually run a marathon with the goal of winning? Less then 1%? Most are simply running to finish. I like how you worded it.

    (I followed a link on Genie's blog to find you, by the way.)