Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm so Stylish! :O)

Timothy was gracious enough to think of me when passing out awards (thank you friend)! Very sorry to have taken so long to respond...recent news of a new puppy coming to our home has my head spinning! If you've never read Timothy's blog..head on over for some good fun reading!
I am supposed to tell seven things about myself...

1) I have been known to have a quick "temper" and quick to forgive

2) I love researching family history

3) I'm pretty handy with power tools

4) I had originally started back to college for a Landscape Architect degree but end up with a Criminal Justice degree

5) I'm a night person living in a day persons life!

6) I think that I was a gypsy in a past life

7) I love to get lost in a good book

and give the  Stylish Blogger award to 15 bloggy friends.  15 blogs that I love to read because they inpsire me and make me feel normal are: (Sam) (margene) (syl) (tiina) (Kate)

 Have a great week!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm gonna be a pug momma again!!

Wow...I'm gonna be a pug momma again! I was really shocked at first thinking "oh my gosh do I really want to do this again!!" You see, I have a 3 1/2 year old pug (Fredbird) and I often get an overwhelming feeling of not being a good enough pug mother (and hence a gentle reminder that human children probably isn't in my best interest). I occasionally yell when he is getting into something he shouldn't or barking/bouncing off the front door (non stop) at someone walking down the street (that isn't even coming up to the house!). And when I yell he gets that sad sad look on his face as if to say "but I'm not hurting anyone!" and he's not hurting anyone (well the bouncing off the door, which I've cured him of, could be harmful) just being a dog.  I also don't know how FB is going to handle a lil guy...he's used to being alpha pug and center of the universe. The entire neighborhood knows who he is and we are referred to as "fredbirds parents".  But I've occasionally been "upset" at how tied down I've felt having the responsibility of caring for him. But caring for him isn't's just that as with many other things in life (family, kids, jobs) having a dog often limits where you go and how long you are gone for. Gone are the days of just hopping into the car and going.  It takes lots of planning and often someones (family members) feelings get hurt because we can't hang with them as long as we'd like.  Gosh...I'm starting to well up again...always a feeling of not being good enough, not giving enough, even when I've probably done the best I can thus far in life. Don't get me wrong, I love my lil guy and can't imagine life with out him.  He's travels phenomenally but not everyone is accepting of his presence.  Add a second pooch to the mix and your really limited with where you can go and the time you are gone. 

But maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  With Fredbirds existence in my life I've gained patience and a sense of calmness. Maybe I will become at peace with the word "home" and learn amazing time management skills?  Are my feelings normal?

Here he is at one week....

He should be able to come home around July 31st...Possible names are Memphis, Louis, Huey, Jersey Boy, Stewart, and Stanley. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yes, the truth WILL set you free...

Ok...few days back I posted about sports bras and the lack of support I suffer from. A few kind folks gave suggestions and I acted on them. I had one of the suggested bras (the Enell) already and purchase two more DIFFERENT bras (moving comfort maia that came today and something else-which hasn't come in yet). When I go joggin I want to know that the girls are tucked as close as possible as to not distract others (including myself) with them bouncing.  A good (well endowed) friend had suggested the Enell so last year I got one. 

In the early days of wearing my snug as a bug in a rug Enell, there was very little movement; at least that I knew of. As soon as I did notice substancial movement I realized that my bust size had decrease (woohoo) so I recently (month ago) bought a smaller size.  Very nice and snug, so I thought I was good to go; until that dreaded half marathon "finish line" video of me. I swear I did not know ANYONE's health was at risk. Hence my now problem with the Enell as that there is noticeable bounce.

So my new search began for a more supportive sports bra. Enter Moving Comfort Maia. Received it today. First impression "mmm nice coverage". Not the cutest thing on the rack I've seen but I'll be sweating-who cares.  I tried it on, snug fit (by the way, not only am I in a smaller "bra" but I have a smaller cup size too! :O) and it actually doesn't look bad for a "sports bra" (Heck it fits so well I could be tempted to wear as an every day bra). Now for bounce test in front of the mirror. Guess what!? THERE IS STILL BOUNCE.  Not little bounce but not as huge a bounce as the Enell. Sigh, "am I destine to double up when I go for a job or any high impact sport?" Yes, I believe so. I put the Enell over the Comfort Moving and drum roll please...MINIMAL BOUNCE.  I understand that boobs will have some bounce when moving (that's what they do), I accept this. But I hoping not to have to double up. Now I know I don't have the 3rd bra in, nor have I tried the Moving Comfort running BUT I'm going to be a big girl and accept now that I will have to double up. I don't feel that there is any way around it.

Ah the joys of being a woman!! :O)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good ridance to Diquis...

I hate programs that are smarter than myself! And I hate when I have something working, decide to delete it only to want to reinstall it!

If you have no idea what Diquis is it was a commenting "thing" that allow me to comment directly to specific comments and my comment go (supposedly) straight to that persons email. Since I didn't particularly like it (it wasn't user friendly) and I'm not even sure that it worked how I intended it to-it's gone!  You all probably don't care anyhow right!?

sigh...have a great night!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marching to the beat of my own drummer....

and I like it!! ha ha ha...just a lil joke...ok maybe NOT a joke but although it sounds very funny (and a bit cliche') I'm enjoying my choices.

I've decided recently that I wasn't going to sweat the lil things. The little things include the scale, food, and exercise/joggin (or lack there of the last couple of weeks). I'm also not going to sweat other peoples negative opinions of things because we are all entitled to have an opinion. Oh, and before I forget, my mantra these days is "surely I can" (and most of the time I can).  These little changes have been working for me so I am going to stick with it until the time comes that I need to re-evaluate.

For the record I weigh myself 5 out of 7 days. I do this to monitor my progress, to gauge my direction. If the scale reads 3 lbs higher than my last weigh in, no biggie. I just continue to be mindful of the food choices I make. I write all my food down regardless of how many points I am using, how many points left, how many points in the red. I JUST WRITE IT DOWN. And I don't stress when my points are in the red; I just know that I need to be more mindful in the future. I mean really folks, how can you hold yourself accountable it your not writing it down or acknowledging what's going on? I have read blogs in the past and even read that the "big guy" at weight watchers often avoid the scale because they know it isn't going to say what they want it to say. Avoiding the truth doesn't help any situation. There have been moments that I've wanted to follow suit and not weigh in. But the only person that will hurt is me and I don't want to hurt anymore.

I ordered two new "sports bras" and they should be coming in this week. The stores around here don't offer much for busty gals so I feel forced to purchase online. Knock on wood because I've not had issues in the past. I followed some advice from fellow bloggers (I'm still giggling at Timothy's article that went something like "good supportive sports bras for busty women are not pretty-so get over it!") and will have 3 different sports bra's to choose from (or double up on if push comes to shove) and may even share what I learn if someone is so inclined to listen. I have the enell already but have two moving comfort coming. I feel silly because I just never considered doubling up before (I have considered duct tape-duct tape fixes EVERYTHING, but worried that it would be more painful than necessary); Dear Lord-please find mercy on me and not require me to double up to have an enjoyable run!

Speaking of run, I've not done any running in about 3 weeks. Not good but I'm not sweatin it (figuratively and literally). All in due time....I've just got to get my head out of my ass.

On a happy note I went to see The Jersey Boys on Saturday. LOVED IT! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dreary weather please GO AWAY!

so the past few weeks have been really busy. First was my 5k and 1/2 marathon, then a cousins graduation, then a golf outing (which is totally hilarious considering I don't know how to golf-it was fun anyhow...would love to do it again!), and then baseball games. Life looks to be slowing down a lil which will take away all excuses to avoid real exercise! :O)

So in anticipation of going outside (before it gets way way too hot) I've purchased some running shorts (I hate getting too hot) that hopefully will not ride up. I plan on just running in regular t-shirts as before but I need to find "added support for the girls". I'm embarrassed to admit in black and white that I'm blessed in the "asset" department. Alright I'll come right out and say it: my boobs are big! I normally travel in enell sports bras because of the "no bounce" advertisement. Upon viewing a race video that the 1/2 marathon folks were so kind to send me (of the finish line) I realize that there is a lot of bounce. Ew. I know this is what God has blessed me with but there is nothing worse than seeing a well enhanced gal jog with the wrong support. I've seen it with my own eyes. And now I've seen that although I thought I had adequate support I should consider doubling up. Or duck taping them down. I try not to be "embarrassed" about my boobs but they always seem to get in the way. They even got in teh way at the golf outing. And on a side note, I recently found out that I'm remembered from high school for my boobs. Childish. ugh. yikes. HELP??!!

So, anyone...suggestions to control bounce? Surely there is something I can do/wear to keep the bounce very minimal. The enell bra does well but I hope there is something I can do to add more bounce control. After watching the running video I know that even the "itsy bitsy" bounce but....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A free ride on the Mental Emotional (sometimes Draining) Roller Coaster...

It's been a long few weeks. Very busy with work, travel, and local events. I've battled the blues a few times too but I've not turned to food for comfort. I was going to say that (besides chewing a lot of gum) I've had a lot of internal chats that have kept me from breaking down but some of those chats haven't been very up lifting. I've certainly learned a thing or two but one or two have been down right crude (not in the vulgar sense but something along the lines of "you're a worthless piece of..." or "why does it matter no one else gives a crude about you and what you do."). It's amazing how easy it is to revert back to childhood/young adult negative habits that were pressed upon you. I don't even understand why I've done it because that is one of the things that I've been working so hard to break in recent years.  I continually remind myself (when I start to get upset) that I'm not worthless, that it doesn't matter what others think of what I do or say, that it matters how I think and if I find it acceptable behavior/reaction for myself/situation. It's ok for me to feel the way I feel. I have a right to how I feel despite the fact that someone else (who thinks they know it all) disagrees. One thing that I need to remind myself is that I need to cut myself some slack; the same slack I have always been willing to cut others.

As individuals we all react differently to life experiences. And reacting differently doesn't make one person right and the other wrong, just means were different. I work hard to not hold against others their reaction (that differs from  mine) to something because their entitled to react however they want.  And I'd hope others would have the same mature response in how I react/respond to situations. Unfortunately that isn't always the case. Thankfully, my real friends help balance me and keep me grounded. And thankfully every now and then I am able to "let go" and let my friends help my mental/emotional roller coaster. I don't have to be in control of me all the time.  And most importantly, they help remind me that I'm NOT crazy and that it really isn't "me".

Monday, May 2, 2011

Best race EVER!!!

Quick recap of this past weekends 5k and half marathon I-Challenge.....

finished 5k in 36 mins 58 secs (improvement of 1 min 43 secs from last 5k on 4-9-11)

finished half marathon in 3 hrs 10 mins 24 secs (improvement of 25 mins 17 secs from last half on 10-3-10)

Not bad...not bad at all!! woot woot.....

LOL (laughing out loud) on a sour note I may have gained 3 lbs over the weekend...but I"m not worried: it was ALL worth it!