Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yes, the truth WILL set you free...

Ok...few days back I posted about sports bras and the lack of support I suffer from. A few kind folks gave suggestions and I acted on them. I had one of the suggested bras (the Enell) already and purchase two more DIFFERENT bras (moving comfort maia that came today and something else-which hasn't come in yet). When I go joggin I want to know that the girls are tucked as close as possible as to not distract others (including myself) with them bouncing.  A good (well endowed) friend had suggested the Enell so last year I got one. 

In the early days of wearing my snug as a bug in a rug Enell, there was very little movement; at least that I knew of. As soon as I did notice substancial movement I realized that my bust size had decrease (woohoo) so I recently (month ago) bought a smaller size.  Very nice and snug, so I thought I was good to go; until that dreaded half marathon "finish line" video of me. I swear I did not know ANYONE's health was at risk. Hence my now problem with the Enell as that there is noticeable bounce.

So my new search began for a more supportive sports bra. Enter Moving Comfort Maia. Received it today. First impression "mmm nice coverage". Not the cutest thing on the rack I've seen but I'll be sweating-who cares.  I tried it on, snug fit (by the way, not only am I in a smaller "bra" but I have a smaller cup size too! :O) and it actually doesn't look bad for a "sports bra" (Heck it fits so well I could be tempted to wear as an every day bra). Now for bounce test in front of the mirror. Guess what!? THERE IS STILL BOUNCE.  Not little bounce but not as huge a bounce as the Enell. Sigh, "am I destine to double up when I go for a job or any high impact sport?" Yes, I believe so. I put the Enell over the Comfort Moving and drum roll please...MINIMAL BOUNCE.  I understand that boobs will have some bounce when moving (that's what they do), I accept this. But I hoping not to have to double up. Now I know I don't have the 3rd bra in, nor have I tried the Moving Comfort running BUT I'm going to be a big girl and accept now that I will have to double up. I don't feel that there is any way around it.

Ah the joys of being a woman!! :O)


  1. I think this is the first "not positive" review I've heard for Enell. I appreciate it because nothing is a miracle worker, and it seems like everyone is always making that brand out to be.

  2. It always makes me a little sad to wear the kind of sports bras that I need to, because they are SO not cute.

    And in reference to your earlier post, I'm glad the old commenting form is back.