Wednesday, November 20, 2013

True or False?

found this blog post on "How big is your fear"....

Part of an article reads "If you're getting ready to get ready, you're just making excuse to protect yourself from the thing you fear most: not fear of failure but the fear of success."

and the article got me to thinking...I'm a type A person (trying to break loose) who typically has a plan a, b, and c.  I'm continuously in plan and preparation mode for health, exercise, and creating income selling advocare..."getting ready to be ready" as the author of the post (Randy Gage) mentions...

and then I got to thinking that I was on the phone with a friend earlier talking about what I want from Advocare and things I was doing to "get ready to be ready" to introduce Advocare to others and I mentioned that I'm "just not a wing it kind of person these days, I've got to prep and organize."

I probably know the answer this but, is there such a thing as "preparing too much"? Is there such a thing of doing too much "getting ready to be ready"? The article/blog post mentions that problems arise (from "getting ready to be ready") when you've missed you're opportunity for what you were getting ready for.

I suppose there really is no such thing as being too prepared but there is such a thing as not putting into play what your preparing for (ie reading about proper techniques to do something but never doing that something--just continuously reading about proper technique).

cliff notes of what I'm taking from said article: shit and get off the pot!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's a new day...

I remembered after writing my last post that I am a Type A individual (I MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING). Then, as I lay there trying to sleep, I thought that maybe I just need to "Let things go" and roll with "it"-it being life in general. I think I ask too many questions that either can't be answered or that have various answers (depending on the situation) that are neither right or wrong. We live in a time that "anything is possible", "nothing is quarenteed", and "change is constant". We have very little control, if any, on what life truly has in store for us. I used to think that "we are in control of our own destiny" but my views have changed. No matter how much you want something, how hard you work for somethign, there just is NO guarentee that the outcome will be what YOU think it should be. Sure we can influence, prepare for the "best outcome" but quite simply "shit happens". I think these days I want to learn to be more flexible, learn to be more in the moment, and less fearful of things that are WELL beyond my control. Sure it's ok to prepare for things I want/don't want out of life, remember not to take for granted that "things" have to work in my favor because I did this or that, and definetly be more concious of the decisions (ie reactions) I make for me and my well being.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Ain't life great?! :O) Yeah, I know, it is (most of the time).

Let me ask you...cuz I ask myself this a lot....what is your passion? what is it that you want to with your life? what do you want to be remembered? Or more impartantly, HOW do you want to be remembered for.

I know I ask a good deal from myself; at least mentally and emotionally. I have a certain "standard" that I often feel the need to attempt to "exceed". Some days I hit the mark, some days I don't and I'm learning to be ok with that because I'm human. How does this relate to the questions above? It relates in the aspect that although I have passion for the things I do (doing a exceptional job at work, being there for others in need, community outreach programs) I don't feel "passionate" (by the way Mike & Molly touched on this topic tonight). I don't feel like I've got the "world by the balls". I don't know if I make a difference. AM I SUPPOSED to have the world by the balls? What the hell am I doing other than surviving? and why does it seem like much of the rest of the world is in my shoes. Should I find comfort in the fact that I'm not alone in my queries of life?