Saturday, November 22, 2014

still alive and kicking

It's been a long time since I've felt like writing down my thoughts.  Of course truth be told the only reason I am writing now is because I'm bored, watching a hallmark movie, no one is up on facebook to talk to, and I'm acting like a teenager not wanting to go to bed like a normal human being. Yes, in that order.

The past few months have been filled with weekend trips up to my (step) mom's house, making new friends, going to concerts, reconnecting with not only with old friends but with myself, and attempting to get better familiar with AdvoCare so that I can build my nest egg (LOL after I pay off my credit card bills, help put new siding on the house, and buy a new car). And I have dabbled with getting my feet back on the ground running.  But that isn't really working out. I just can't seem to get un lazy.

I did manage to talk my crazy new pal into adventure racing. She is a total hoot to hang with-almost like we've been friends forever.  I've known of her for a few years (she grooms my pups) but shortly after pops passed she invited me to go to a Bret Michaels concert with her and her friend Aimee. I know right!? Bret Michaels. I almost passed (like I typically do-making friends is hard; I can be so insecure and letting new people in only to be let down totally sucks even at 44) on the concert but then something clicked and I went. AWESOME time. Who knew that Bret still puts on killer concerts. Anyhow, then we went to Alice Cooper/Motley Crue, then to Def Lepard/Kiss.  Pretty good summer..."Sisterhood of the traveling Groupies" as Aimee dubbed us. ANYHOW-it's nice to hang with folks my age, that get me and share similar interests.  She took up biking this year and I even went on a few rides with her.  And since she's crazy like me I knew she would be game for something new and adventurous. If nothing else the Adventure Race is sure to provide us with years of laughter!!

Through out all of this the Hubs has been pretty wonderful. And he has decided to quit work and go back to school full time.  I'm pretty excited, mainly for purely selfish reasons. Sure I"m astatic that he is FINALLY going back to finish what he was so close to achieving so that he can "get that job he really wants but can't get because he doesn't have a degree". I want him to be happy and if getting this degree will open a door to job that he really wants and would be great at I'm all for it.  He's incredibly smart, dedicated, hard working that he deserves to be happy.  But I'm also hoping that this means I'll get some more home cooked meals.  I got so spoiled the few months he was first retired from the Navy.  I'd get home from work and he would have dinner almost ready to serve, house was cleaned, laundry done, etc etc.