Saturday, September 21, 2013

what can you do in 5 minutes or less? I often sit here doing what I do best (Kate is right maybe) and that's being a lil hard on myself. I continously think "how can I do better?" "I need to be better at time management" "I need to do this more or that more" blah blah blah. Often times I forget that MY strengths are not always another persons' strength and by comparing myself (including my body size) I could be setting myself up for failure. And I don't REALLY want that. It's ok to strive to be better and it would certainly behoove me to use my awake time better....well my time in general better.

Every week day morning our alarm goes off at the same time (before crack of dawn) and sadly on the weekends the pug alarms go off about that same time. During the week rather than getting up and staying up I get up, walk the dogs, lay back down and then an hour before needing to be AT work, I scramble to get dressed, walk the dogs a second time and get out the door without forgetting something.  This makes me sluggish and crabby; and I'm having a heck of a time breaking the cycle.

So today I was thinking (again ha ha) about how I could fix this.  HOw can I use the 3 hrs plus before work to my advantage rather than my demise.  I thought about my January list of goals and about how I LOVE the one minute rule (where if something can be done in 60 seconds or less go ahead and do it rather than waiting and having a shit load of things to get done). It has certainly helped me keep a cleaner house. Anyhow I was reading a Real Simple magazine article about what you can do in just 5 minutes that can help start you day off in a more positive manner. Some of the items I wrote down from the article are to drink a tall glass of cold water; make my bed; and a 5 minute stretch routine.  Some other things that I know I can do in 5 minutes or less is empty/fill the dishwasher; floss/brush my teeth and rinse; make a cup of coffee and spark drink. With a little practice I could turn my 7 to 10 minute walk around the block (.46 mile) into a 5 minute jog.

What can you do in 5 minutes that could start your day off in a more positive manner?