Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marching to the beat of my own drummer....

and I like it!! ha ha ha...just a lil joke...ok maybe NOT a joke but although it sounds very funny (and a bit cliche') I'm enjoying my choices.

I've decided recently that I wasn't going to sweat the lil things. The little things include the scale, food, and exercise/joggin (or lack there of the last couple of weeks). I'm also not going to sweat other peoples negative opinions of things because we are all entitled to have an opinion. Oh, and before I forget, my mantra these days is "surely I can" (and most of the time I can).  These little changes have been working for me so I am going to stick with it until the time comes that I need to re-evaluate.

For the record I weigh myself 5 out of 7 days. I do this to monitor my progress, to gauge my direction. If the scale reads 3 lbs higher than my last weigh in, no biggie. I just continue to be mindful of the food choices I make. I write all my food down regardless of how many points I am using, how many points left, how many points in the red. I JUST WRITE IT DOWN. And I don't stress when my points are in the red; I just know that I need to be more mindful in the future. I mean really folks, how can you hold yourself accountable it your not writing it down or acknowledging what's going on? I have read blogs in the past and even read that the "big guy" at weight watchers often avoid the scale because they know it isn't going to say what they want it to say. Avoiding the truth doesn't help any situation. There have been moments that I've wanted to follow suit and not weigh in. But the only person that will hurt is me and I don't want to hurt anymore.

I ordered two new "sports bras" and they should be coming in this week. The stores around here don't offer much for busty gals so I feel forced to purchase online. Knock on wood because I've not had issues in the past. I followed some advice from fellow bloggers (I'm still giggling at Timothy's article that went something like "good supportive sports bras for busty women are not pretty-so get over it!") and will have 3 different sports bra's to choose from (or double up on if push comes to shove) and may even share what I learn if someone is so inclined to listen. I have the enell already but have two moving comfort coming. I feel silly because I just never considered doubling up before (I have considered duct tape-duct tape fixes EVERYTHING, but worried that it would be more painful than necessary); Dear Lord-please find mercy on me and not require me to double up to have an enjoyable run!

Speaking of run, I've not done any running in about 3 weeks. Not good but I'm not sweatin it (figuratively and literally). All in due time....I've just got to get my head out of my ass.

On a happy note I went to see The Jersey Boys on Saturday. LOVED IT! LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!

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