Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm gonna be a pug momma again!!

Wow...I'm gonna be a pug momma again! I was really shocked at first thinking "oh my gosh do I really want to do this again!!" You see, I have a 3 1/2 year old pug (Fredbird) and I often get an overwhelming feeling of not being a good enough pug mother (and hence a gentle reminder that human children probably isn't in my best interest). I occasionally yell when he is getting into something he shouldn't or barking/bouncing off the front door (non stop) at someone walking down the street (that isn't even coming up to the house!). And when I yell he gets that sad sad look on his face as if to say "but I'm not hurting anyone!" and he's not hurting anyone (well the bouncing off the door, which I've cured him of, could be harmful) just being a dog.  I also don't know how FB is going to handle a lil guy...he's used to being alpha pug and center of the universe. The entire neighborhood knows who he is and we are referred to as "fredbirds parents".  But I've occasionally been "upset" at how tied down I've felt having the responsibility of caring for him. But caring for him isn't's just that as with many other things in life (family, kids, jobs) having a dog often limits where you go and how long you are gone for. Gone are the days of just hopping into the car and going.  It takes lots of planning and often someones (family members) feelings get hurt because we can't hang with them as long as we'd like.  Gosh...I'm starting to well up again...always a feeling of not being good enough, not giving enough, even when I've probably done the best I can thus far in life. Don't get me wrong, I love my lil guy and can't imagine life with out him.  He's travels phenomenally but not everyone is accepting of his presence.  Add a second pooch to the mix and your really limited with where you can go and the time you are gone. 

But maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  With Fredbirds existence in my life I've gained patience and a sense of calmness. Maybe I will become at peace with the word "home" and learn amazing time management skills?  Are my feelings normal?

Here he is at one week....

He should be able to come home around July 31st...Possible names are Memphis, Louis, Huey, Jersey Boy, Stewart, and Stanley. 


  1. He is so cute, its not even funny!

    I like louis :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I want me one. He's adorable!


  3. You know... since you already have Fredbird, adding another to the mix won't be as huge really (I could be wrong)... but like with kids, they entertain each other and sometimes it's actually easier. I like the names Memphis and Jersey Boy best. They seem to match up to Fredbird's name more easily.

    Have fun!!! Can't wait till we get one or more dogs in a few months after we move. My favs are mini dachshunds.

    Take care!

  4. My favourite name is Memphis, I think it goes well with Fredbird.

    I agree with Margene, I think Fredbird and Memphis will keep each other company like kids do - hopefully.

    BTW, your weight loss is great, you are doing a fantastic job with it and I love your rewards as well.

  5. My friend had two pugs and they got along fantastically. The older one was actually pretty patient as the pup went through his pup stage. And they would play and play and play. I think you're doing a good thing. And I also think the feelings of being overwhelmed and anxiety are completely NORMAL! Don't beat your self up about that! I'm sure your a great mom. Good mom's don't let their kids do whatever they want - they teach them. It sounds like that's what you've done. And let's be honest, a dog is not a kid - so sometimes the teaching method is just different. Just because you may yell at your dog (which by the way, I do too), doesn't mean that you would with a child. Your a great doggy mommy and I am excited to see your little family grow!! And to see more pictures! :)

  6. sooooooooooooooo cute but i understand the anxiety. i LOVE divonna (she is NOT a chihuahua she's a princess in canine form, justask her!) lolol but she does limit my freedom/mobility. though i must admit it's probably a good think i have someone else to focus on.........i should NEVER read comments before i wake up fully. the one you left me i read as anonymous saying that tori hated their comments and i was like but tori's a total sweetheart what did YOU do to piss her off, had to reread it before it clicked! lolol so thanks for the (unintended) laugh! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo