Tuesday, May 24, 2011

good ridance to Diquis...

I hate programs that are smarter than myself! And I hate when I have something working, decide to delete it only to want to reinstall it!

If you have no idea what Diquis is it was a commenting "thing" that allow me to comment directly to specific comments and my comment go (supposedly) straight to that persons email. Since I didn't particularly like it (it wasn't user friendly) and I'm not even sure that it worked how I intended it to-it's gone!  You all probably don't care anyhow right!?

sigh...have a great night!!


  1. I was actually just looking at other commenting systems, so I'm glad to hear that someone decided disqus wasn't worth it. What was your main issue with it?

  2. Oh I care....I care!!! Disquis was a pain. Most of the time it didn't link to my blog or show my avatar and a few times even showed my full name, which wasn't a bad thing, but my settings were to show only my first name.

    Bye bye Disquis!!

  3. i don't let anyone use my comp because every time i wind up with the google tool bar and assorted video links added to my faves bar! lol