Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, for this I am thankful.

It's been a very long week. New programs at work implemented that don't function as described. People are frustrated but are nice enough not to take said frustration out on me (their POC). My job entails helping others do their job more efficetently and in a timely manner. They need, I get. They know I didn't create said frustration and that I'm doing all I can to fix "it". But I am still stressed. I love my job; I love the people I work with. We make a great team (if I don't say so myself). For this I am thankful too. Not everyone gets to do a job they are good at, that they love, with a lot of good people.

Earlier this week I posted of my weight watchers progress. I'm not doing too shabby but I'm not doing all I can either (If only I could just do as much for myself as I do for others. But I don't know how). You, my support system, are phenomenal. You're always quick with encouraging words and great suggestions. One was about small rewards for certain steps that lead you to bigger goal (rather than looking at the huge picture)? I'd seen it done on other blogs. A pedicure for five pounds, new pants for ten, a weekend at the spa for 50. It sounds good in theory but is it right for me? I'm at a point in my life that if I want something of monetary value and I have the means to buy it, I get it. I'm also getting to the point in my life that I'm relatively low maintenance. I only get pedicures in the summer when I am able to wear sandals because my cute toes should be seen by all (right?). I get my eyebrows done once a month because I don't want to be a unibrow. And I've not been buying clothes because besides having plenty (in all sizes I might add 16 to 20) I'd rather wait until I need a whole new wardrobe (IE sizes 14 or smaller since I have very few clothing in that size). So what kind of rewards should I consider?

And then a sad thought hit me on my mind on the way home from work Wednesday evening when I was trying to figure this reward thing out. A sad thought I've experienced before but only when I was much younger. I said to myself that I didn't deserve any rewards...that I'd done this to myself. How could I reward myself for something I should already be doing! Needless to say I have work to do. I do still like the idea of small rewards for the small milestones. It's important to keep myself motivated and sometimes words alone may not keep my going. This weekend I'm going to sit down, with a calendar, and break it all down. New "let's keep moving" goals, healthier food plans, and small rewards for reaching different milestones. Because despite what the little girl inside says-I do deserve it!!


  1. I know of a person who rewarded themselves with trips to different states.. I have to do the smaller ones because I am not financially able to do the big things.. but it sounds like you could.. so 10% lost could be something like a weekend trip somewhere you want to go.. and halfway could be a cruise somewhere?

    Hope those help.. and you ARE so worth rewards.. because while you may have done "this" to yourself, you had the choice to do something about it or not.. and you made the right choice! :)

  2. I like to reward myself with workout gear. At least that reward is something that encourages even more positive things.

  3. Of course you deserve it!

    How about little treats like a pedicure?

  4. None of us are perfect so therefore we all have faults... there is nothing wrong with setting goals and rewards for reaching them. That's what helps us. I don't believe that is selfish. You rock Tori... you! You are coming right along... and not giving up.

    Okay, so we're both going to be on plan this Thanksgiving.. super! If we decide NOW what we will allow ourselves to eat and what we won't, then when the choices present themselves, we know we've already made the choice! Let's do it!! :)

    Take care & God Bless...