Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New points plus may be just what I need to kick this!

Ok...thank you! I thank you and you and yes you hiding in the corner!! :O) I had a 1.4 loss this week. I was going to say "not outstanding but acceptable" but ya know-it is outstanding because I am one step closer to where I'd like to be weight wise. Plus I will be able to keep it off in the long run AND I can get those wedges (although I probably won't because I bought some ww products to help with my journey).

This week weight watchers rolled out PointsPlus. I didn't really know what to expect (except that changes were on the horizon). I must say that I'm confident about the changes. Many things are more points (not so great stuff) but others are now zero (bananas!! yeah). I think that their thought behind the changes was to focus on filling foods verses food in general. The old system you could manipulate your points to fit more bad food into your day as long as there were points. There were rarely any zero point foods/snacks. With the new system that's changed. ALL fresh fruit is now zero points. Most fresh veggies are zero points. This makes grabbing a healthy snack a lil easier for dorks like me. Before I would justify eating a not so great snack (like a 100 calorie hostess snack-formally one point now three points) for passing on a banana or orange (formally two to three points now zero). With the new points system, me being cheap on points, I will opt for the fruit over the hostess and probablyl have a better sense of being satisfied (another ww goal "eating until satisfyied" rather than "eating to be satisfied"). Because the point system changed, so are the allotted amount of points available to me. Not sure how I will feel about that but because things are more points they had to. So the jury is still out on the over all plan but I'm sure it will work.

Tomorrow starts reverb#10 and you're liable to see some "odd" posts. Reverb#10 is a writing project aimed at reflecting on the past year while considering the future. This project has great timing as I am approaching the end of the first year of my blog. You may not know this but I'm big on reflection, improving, changing myself for the better. I want to be a better person to know even if you'll only know me for a moment. When I die I want people to be happy that they knew me. I want them to be able to take something positive from my existence (even if it's "I don't agree with everything she says but she's an honest, fair person who inspired me to think outside my comfort zone.").

I hope you all are having a great week. I hope that something amazing is going on in your life like it is in my life.


  1. It sounds like an improved point system if you ask me. Manipulating points is one reason I just couldn't succeed on WW. I needed a program or system to really help me not eat the refined carbs that just make me crave more. Hopefully, this will be helpful in that area for people like me.

    Thanks for your comment on my post today. I debated even posting it because it's not that uplifting and I know people look to blogs for encouragement... I never want to be a downer... but you know, sometimes I do get down. But it's about not staying down.

    Hope you have a great week!! God bless!


  2. Congrats and good luck! I've heard so much debate about the new system.