Monday, October 25, 2010

And we keep marching forward...

Thanks Genie!! I think you jinxed me on the work front. :O) As some of you know..I started a new job a few weeks ago. For the most part, it’s been good. I’d say great but when it comes to working outside the home away from my baby it can never be that great (I don’t understand why they won’t let me bring him to work now and then-He’s potty trained and pretty quiet!)!

Any-who, as per all new jobs there are and will be growing pains. People getting used to you and your work style while you get used to them and their work style (or lack there of). For the most part, again, it’s been good. Yes, I’ve been overwhelmed and cried one day (I’m a big ole baby). But I pulled myself together and sucked it up. My theory is-If I get it wrong I get it wrong; everything can be fixed (with a memo of course). And I’ve been working very hard at not letting someone else’s tude dictate my tude. For the most part this has been working as I’ve not snapped anyone’s head off (yet). There is however one individual that doesn’t like me and IMO has made this quite obvious by the things done, said, unsaid. I really don’t care whether or not she likes me (ha) because I will be here a lot longer than she will (she can retire whenever whereas I have 21 years, 11 months before I can retire w/max benies). But it’s a bit unfortunate. We spend the majority of our days at work. And this is a small office. VERY SMALL OFFICE. “Can’t we all just get a long!!” boohhoooohhoo.

Last week was a pretty stressful week weight watchers wise mostly because of my stress at work. I just couldn’t stop wanting to eat. It made no difference if I was hungry or not or that I said “you just want it because you are frustrated”. If I could have I would have EATEN EVERYTHING including a MC RIB MEAL LARGE everyday. Thankfully I some how kept most of my wits about it all (by the grace of God I might add because I had very little to do with it) and have stayed w/in my points range (barely). Since weigh in is tomorrow, today is the last day of my week. I had my regular 26 points and 1.5 weekly left. I told the hubsters that I was eating light tonight (healthy light) because of the lack of points. So far today I’m doing good…I’ve only used 3 points this morning and lunch will be about 5. I’m hoping that tomorrow means I go down one ww point. If I lose 2 pounds I’m in the next lower bracket. If I lose 4 pounds I hit my 5% goal. Sigh.

Right now I am averaging 2 pounds a week (which is good). If I continue to lose an average of 2 pounds a week I will be at my goal weight in 39 weeks (June 21st 2011-just in time for the big ole 41). You have to be at your goal weight (within 2 pounds) for 6 weeks before you become lifetime. I wonder if it’s feasible and acceptable to have a goal of making my goal weight by May 30th, so that I can be life member by July 5th, 3 days before my 41st birthday?

Quote of the week "A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him." – David Brink


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm finding out just how many people are inspired by Margene and Brent! I'll be following your progress. I never set deadlines, but they're motivating to some people. At age 40, you're way ahead of the game. On average, people decide to take charge of their weight and health at about age 47.

  2. Good job, Tori! Proud of you! You are really working the WW plan!

    I DID NOT jinx you! The insecure office grinches make it tough for us newbies.

    The big boss's secretary is my biggest critic. She finds fault with everything I do. My husband said, "the big boss must like you, because his secretary hates you." By George, I think he's onto something!

    Hang in there, and I will, too.