Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back on the wagon again...

I've been struggling with food since last September. In November I stopped tracking my food all together. February I quit WW's eTools since I wasn't even tracking. I knew there was a problem (well duh-my pants are tighter!) but I figured I was back on the wagon when I started exercising again Jan 1st so the weight I gained back will drop back off.  But while having a chat with myself self said "technically you are not "back on the wagon" if you're holding on to the edge with a skateboard under your feet hoping to coast along!" The analogy my not make sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me. I've been playin around, tinkering with exercise, watching food go from the plate to my mouth but not holding myself accountable (input vs output). the only way I can hold myself accountable is if I see it in writing.  Nothing like a reality check right!

SO I rejoined ww (the whole kabang meetings and all); signed up for more 5k's; and will be looking into the local running club!

gotta go it's storming...and the lights are about to go out!! LOL


  1. hmmmmm you're the 5th person i know who rejoined ww this week (including me) must be somethingin that retrograde the planets are doin makin us feel the panic and want the protection of a group!lol whatever the reason i'm glad we're all gettin on the same page, i'm NOT gonna wish you luck cause you dont need it you'v got brains and determination so i KNOW you'll do well, after all you ARE a rock star! (even when you don't see/feel it, i do! xoxoxo

  2. Wow this is great. I totally get what you mean about struggling and it sounds like you reallly kicked it into high gear by making all these great decisions. What a great idea to check into the running club. Oh how I wish I could do that but this darn knee won't let me. However when I went to get my shoes at the running store I was SO impressed with the community of individuals there and how supportive they are of one another. I think you will probably love it. I also know what you mean about tracking. I am on myfitnesspal and lately I have gotten lazy with actually inputting my food. So thanks for the reminder!!

  3. That is awesome!! Keep up the great work. You will hit your goals!!

    Stay focused!