Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, not much going on...thankfully!! :O) I'm going to Home Depot tonight for some things for the back yard; I've decided I'm going to make it an oasis for me and the pooch (and the hubby too if he'd like or if there's no ball game on!). And tomorrow I am going over to Sherrie's house to walk 3.5 miles then go to IHOP. I love IHOP! I'm not sure what the afternoon will entail but I'm sure sometime this weekend I will need to go to the front entrance of the subdivision to weed. Yeah.

My walking/jogging has been alright this week. Tuesday we did 3.5 miles, yesterday we did 3 miles and today only 1. It was muggy muggy muggy out...just too humid to move much. My water intake has been pretty good and I find myself drinking mainly water at home too now. Cleans the system right! I've done wonderful on taking my vitamins each day and not too shabby on the food.


  1. Have a delightful weekend!

  2. Have a great sounds like it's much needed! Good job on the water intake. :)

  3. What do you order at IHOP? I always thought that it would be high on the calories so I stay away.

  4. Well Lesia...I normally get chocolate chip pancakes (if available)...but I'm looking to order that strawberry filled ones. I'm pretty sure it is high in calories but have never looked because if I did I wouldn't be able to go there!! :O)

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! I plan on it and plan on it being low key (if possible). I also plan on getting another post out tonight or tomorrow on turning 40 and the plans I have for the next 40 years! :O)

  5. I love "udpate"! I'm going to borrow it!

    Own those strawberry cakes!

    When is your 40th birthday?