Monday, June 14, 2010

Lordy Lordy Look who’ll be 40!!

Since you don't know me very well let me just come straight out and tell you; I LOVE my birthday. I feel as if it’s MY day, made specially for me, to do what I want-mostly anyhow. Sadly, most birthdays of recent years have been a let down because no one seems to understand what a big deal it is to me. My mom totally got it (and BTW it’s all her fault I feel like I do because she made our birthdays a REALLY BIG DEAL--HUGE) but I won’t go there…not today.

Weeks ago, when there was still 40 days left until my birthday, I had planned on doing a post titled “40 days of birthday” in which I would list 40 things I wanted to do by my 40th birthday (that I was going to post-see title a few lines above) and do one thing each day. I mean, everyone should celebrate there birthday for at least a month right!?! But I stalled out at like 25. Figures…1st thing to peter-out as I age is my “desire to do fun and outlandish things.” Notice I didn’t say memory…cuz I remember things just fine. Sometimes-too fine. But (Again) I won’t go there…not today.

So anyway, the point of the list was to do things that were cheap/free, that I hadn’t done in awhile (if ever), to get me (and the hubby?) off the couch. And let’s not forget things that would be FUN (or lead to fun). I put down take a picnic, fly a kite, go to a Grizzlies baseball game, eat raw oysters (check—did this as I was making the list), go to a drive in, go fishing, go to the botanical garden, lose 8 lbs..but I never got the list done (remember I stalled at 25) and I’m 25 days away. So what’s the point now. Besides, let me be honest…the list of things was boring and forced. The only fun thing on the list was that I wanted a party. A real party with real people doing real fun things; not just a party with family. Matter of fact if you could leave the family part out of it, it’d be even funner. Yes I know funner is not a word but I don’t care-it’s MY birthday (stomping foot). But no one around here knows how important my 40th birthday is (or any birthday of mine) so if there’s gonna be a party I’m going to have to plan it. Which I suppose I could do (I had entertained the thought of going to Vegas but who can afford that) but doesn’t appeal to me today because I don’t want people to think I’m “that kind of person”. The kind that has to be the center of attention, wear a princess crown all around town singing “It’s my birthday it’s my birthday” and expecting everyone to stop and sing happy birthday to me. Sounds a bit silly now that I think about it. So no party for me…VERY BIG SIGH.

Anyway (again)…I’ve only lost 3 of the 8 lbs and eaten the oysters. Nothing else on the list has gotten done. And I’ve lost the desire to have a to-do list leading up to my birthday. Sadly, I’ve even lost the desire to even celebrate my birthday, even at work (which I’m normally in charge of birthday treats). And I pray that the gal at work who is in charge of my birthday goes into labor before the 8th (she's due the 14th of July). Is that mean of me? To wish someone goes into labor before her due date just to get out of celebrating my birthday? What I ask, is wrong with me??!?!!?!? Ugh. Sigh. Yikes. 40. Who’d a thunk it…I didn’t plan this far ahead yah know…when I was a teenager I guess I never knew there was life after 21.

So, for those of you over 40 really ALL that? I heard it was da bomb..turning 40…but I can feel the water works starting just thinking about 40….

and a recap of the weekend...I walked 4.05 miles in honor of the Susan Komen walk on Saturday. It took us 1 hr and 10 mins and included some serious hills. I felt great once I was done. I had signed up for the walk itself that day but then heard there would be 70,000 plus other people showing up. and I don't do crowds well. at it was going to be hot. and the Komen walk didn't start until 9 so I wanted to get done and get back in.


  1. Oh..and by the way...I'm down to owing $200 on my car!! yeah for me~! That's going to be my birthday present to me this year...paying that car off!!

  2. Yes, I would do something FABULOUS for your 40th... I mean, you only turn 40 once. Throw a big party! Why not! Whatever you do... be sure and blog about it ;) I have a July birthday too, which is cool. I am now 41 and it's Fabulous to be in the 40's. Now that I'm here, I see that it's quite a young age. Now 50... that sounds older. Until, of course, I get there! Oh, and Congrats on losing 3 pounds! Woot Woot!


  3. Girl, you better get re-psyched about 40, because you don't want to know about 50...... Forty IS the bomb! Don't wait until you're 50 to realize that; celebrate appropriately!

    Paying off a car is the bomb, too. And, doing the Komen.

    When one of my friends turned 50, she invited a bunch of us "girls" to a restaurant for lunch. She brought her own tiara and cake from the bakery, and she reigned over the birthday lunch. We all got her fun, girly gifts and we enjoyed watching her open them.

    Really, it was one of the best parties I've been to! No silly drunks and no men (sometimes, they are one and the same).

    C'mon, pick up some birthday steam! Do it to honor your mom!

    I do know what you mean about birthdays being a letdown, but the teeny little kid in me always believes that something special is going to happen to me on my birthday, even if it never really has.... The dumb kid still has hope.

  4. Happy bday in advance!! You still have time to do something FANTASTIC for yourself!! Pick one thing and go for it!! You can do it!