Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 1 to July 21st goal

OK it was hot. And humid. And did I mention hot AND humid? But alias, I had to get started. I've wasted too much time already. My goal states that I will jog/walk 16 miles a week with a minimum of 2 miles jogged by July 21st. Today, at 7 p.m. (89 degrees with 74% humidity at that time), I left the house and did 4.5 miles....on my bicycle. (smile) The ride attempted to hand me my arse but I prevailed. And no worries about my goal, there are still 6 days left in this week for me to walk and jog. I just wanted to do something and track my miles with my garmin. The hardest part of the goal process (for me anyhow) is getting started. I can set them no problem but implementing can sometimes be like going to the dentist.

It was so hot tonight that I didn't feel like eating dinner. I had a late lunch (about 130ish-two sandwiches) so maybe that's part of why. I put together a salad to eat when I got back (because I didn't want to leave with a full tummy especially with how hot it was) but didn't feel like eating it. I ended up having some hummus and crackers, 5 twizzlers, and a nectarine. Oh and a powerade zero (grape) and two glasses of water.

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