Friday, June 18, 2010

Traffic feed...where are you from...

I'm curious...where are you from? On someone else's post I saw something called a "traffic feed" which logged visitors that came to their site. NO, it doesn't list a persons name or what their blog is but it does say what area of the world they are from and how they got to the blog in question. So nosy me added it to my site. I've had folks from all over the world visit and I'm curious...what's it like on your side of the pond? Someone from Ireland visited recently and I'd really love to hear about your life? What are your struggles? What keeps you moving? What's your journey about?

On a different note, I weeded the front enterance of our subdivision. Oy what a chore that was! Theraputic yes, never ending too! I'm going back in the morning to tackle the other half of the flower bed. Does this count as exercise..I surely hope so because my hands, arms, and legs are feeling the task! Sometime tomorrow I plan on taking a walk (4 miles) but it may have to wait until late day when the temps are lower. We are expecting to have hot hot hot (upper 90s with high humidity) for the next 10 days. Thankfully I've gotten back into the habit of drinking lots of water so my sweat is clear (and free flowing).