Friday, June 4, 2010

ramble...Ugh...and we both got it!!

Nice little bug going around our house...the pug and I have it and it ain't pretty! Poor lil guy thought he was going to get into trouble for the accident we found in the laundry room but when your sick your sick. We're just trying to figure out how he got outiside the one gate, then back in the gate without knocking it over just to do his business outside of his designated sleep/play area. Oh well. As for me, I made it to my designated "area" to do my business with no problems. I'm just hoping it isn't planning on sticking around; we'll know tomorrow.

tomorrow night the gals, at least one guy, and I are going to the roller derby for a double header. I am really exicted and can hardly wait. I've loved roller derby since the 70's as a kid. dreams of participating in the derby myself dances in my head but considering I've not been on roller skates in darn near 30 years, me being a derby girl is pretty close to nil. My husband isn't going because he will be selling raffle tickets for Cardinal Care charity at the Cardinals game during the day and will be much too tired to go. No worries, I'll have fun for both of us. I do feel a lil guilty about not going to the game as well (I normally do) but selling raffle tickets isn't my forte'. I get so nervous and studdery; oh and I often forget to smile cuz I'm so stressed about having to talk to people cuz heaven forbid they just say yes and buy the darn tix...I'm mean come on-it's for charity!! Now the hubby; he could sell an igloo to an eskimo. and this gives him the opportunity to dress up in full cardinal gear (I'll post a pic later-it's funny). Since the weather is going to be extremly hot and humid (welcome to the midwest) he went and got a camel pack today in red. As further jusifitication for the purchase, he says "and you can use it for your long walks since you like to drink water". what a sweet sweet guy-wonder how I got so lucky (he really is sweet and I really am lucky)?? I really can't wait to use it-matter of fact I was thinking "hmm maybe i"ll go for a long walk on Sunday cuz I need to get moving since the 1/2 marathon is coming up!!"

Which brings me to the fact that I have a 1/2 marathon on Oct 3rd and I haven't done anything but watch my food intake. and I need to stop putting it next weeks goal will include mileage that I plan to walk, jog, and ride my bike. I know that when I was training for the last 1/2 marathon i was getting in the mid 20's for miles...I think my goal will be 30 miles a week of jog/walk/bike. what other things should I incorporate? weights?


  1. Wow, I hope you and Freddie feel better! Dogs can leap seemingly unreachable barriers to avoid pooping in their sleeping area. They are crafty.

    Roller derby! That is interesting. Not my thing, but I used to like the Bay City Rollers. "On Saturday night, whew, Saturday night, eye-yi-yi-yi, I just can't waaaittt...."

    Thirty miles is ambitious, but I know you can do it. Do you wear wrist or ankle weights while you walk or jog?

    What is a camel pack? I'm so old, those were cigarettes in my day....

  2. I loved roller skating as a teenager. I rode a skate bus every Monday night to the Roller Rink. It was my favorite activity. I met my ex-husband there. And I could really do some major moves too. I miss those days.

    Then I got MS and all that went out the door. Not walking for 15 years kinda makes it impossible to skate. My goal was to get back on a pair of skates by the end of summer but that doesn't look like it will happen this year. But I am not giving up on that dream. Hurray for you. You are my HERO!

  3. Genie...LOL..sorry-camel back is a thing that looks like a back pack but has a water bladder thingie in it. They were originally (or so I've heard) for the military for when they were in desert like environments so they could stay hydrated.

    Lesia-you'll get back on skates soon...maybe not this summer but you will. You're a trooper!

  4. You made me laugh about being "fluffy, but not loud"!

    You are too kind. I'm supposed to be writing about weight loss, but I don't have anything on that subject to write about recently.....

    You write something this week, too! How are you and Freddie?