Saturday, June 19, 2010

Please explain to me...

why the "healthy" foods are so darned expensive???? $72 dollars at the grocery store, lots of great things. But I got to thinking about the fact that cookies are $2 while a pound of peaches is $2. You get about 40 cookies in a package and 4 (if you're lucky) in a pound of peaches. Cherries, those were 2.99 a pound. I was in such a good mood at the time that I didn't gripe about the outlandish charges!! I'm happy with my healthy choices and proud that I made them.

I forgot to update earlier that I am doing very well on my water intake and at taking my vitimans. Water these days is my liquid of choice and the 1st thing I grab to wet my whistle. My vitimans are normally taken 1st thing in the morning. I still need to work on "gettin movin" and found a solution to that. Sam at Believe in Yourself posted about a virtual goal. We were incouraged to set goals and attain them by July 21st. My goal is two pronged; 1st prong is to be walking/jogging minimum 16 miles a week by july 21st and the 2nd to be jogging 2 of the 16 of them straight.


  1. I love your cool new background! Awesome!
    I know what you mean about good healthy food being more expensive. We are definitely swimming up hill in a battle to eat and be healthier! I would love to grow my own food.. if I had the land and sunshine (we live under some beautiful tall pine & other trees).

    Good luck on your goals. I am thinking about mine too! :)


  2. So true! We had to bypass the grapes and cherries this week because they are so pricey! Hopefully cheaper at the Farmers Market. No wonder it's hard to eat healthy for so many of us!

  3. Yeah, I like your remodel, too!!!

    What's really infuriating is that most of the weight in the pricey fruits and veggies is water!

    It is definitely a problem for our entire society that starchy and junky foods are less expensive than healthy foods.

    Ambitious goals! You are a runner - very impressive!

  4. In a lot of cases, processed foods are actually subsidized by the government - particularly if they contain corn. Of course this isn't the only reason they are more expensive, but that's one of them.

    There's also the fact that produce requires more careful handling.

    It is still frustrating though. It really is cheaper to eat junk all the time.