Thursday, July 1, 2010

"I'm Going Places" too...

Where I'm not completely sure! Sweet Teresa @ passed along the "I'm Going Places" award to me. This award instructs that I share with all of you where I plan on being in 10 years then pass the award to 10 other bloggers! Thank you Teresa!!!
First off, I encourage all of you who have not visited her blog to do so; A breathe of fresh air in this very fast paced world!

Secondly, It has taken me days to ponder this and come up with some honest answers. I've never really been one to plan THAT far out in advance. Even when I was younger I didn't have any plans for what I would do "when I grew up" or plans on how I would go about it. I had pipe dreams as I call them but no written road map to get there. I've never really been a planner if we are to be honest...but I do LOVE lists!!

So, to the question at hand; where will I be in 10 years? Well for starters I will have:

  • at least 2/3 rds for my house paid off and all my student loans completely paid off.
  • run a complete half marathon, if not a full marathon.
  • lost my 60 extra pounds and maintained the loss
  • celebrated my 15th wedding anniversay
  • vacationed at Cardinals spring training in Juniper FL
  • vacationed in Ireland
  • gotten to a point in my life where my insecurties no longer hold me back
So, Genie ( , Sam (, Mom to the Fourth Power (, Deb (, Julie (, Sarah (, Tricia ( and Holly-if you're still out there!! ( here is your "I'm Going Places" award-where will you be in 10 years?


  1. Aw, thanks for the sweet words, Tori! I thoroughly enjoy your blog as well!

    Sounds like you will be in a great spot in ten years!

  2. Woo Hoo... what great goals. I love the running a half or full marathon and all your vacation plans!

    Hey, and thanks for thinking of me too! :)


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've never been one to plan much, either. It's a good question, and I'll give it some deep thought.

    Your goals are very worth striving for. If you can do all of that by the time you're 50, then you win!

    Have a great holiday weekend. Is Freddie afraid of fireworks?

  4. I've always had trouble answering this question but I think in the near future I will be better at it. Your goals sound awesome, congratulations! :o)