Monday, July 12, 2010



It's been a busy, slightly irritating day so far...had to take a minute to talk myself off the ledge. The candy drawer is calling my name...I've had two minnie snickers already...I'm trying to gulp the water to stop wanting the chocolate!!!

Shew...I think the urge has passed. Of course if one more person comes to my desk wanting something I could snap. Since I'll be out Weds-Fri for training I felt the need to stay at my desk during lunch and have a working lunch. Not sure that was a great idea. Sure I've got a lot done but ....

Had a good/ok weekend. Lil man wasn't feeling well and it was a bit too humid for my liking so we stayed in much of the weekend. I did manage to do a 3.36 mile walk on Saturday and my mile times were pretty good (16.36 1st mile, 15.45 2nd, and 16.30 for 3rd). And hubby took me out to lunch for my birthday on Saturday since we didn't go on the actual day. I opted for Fazzoli's. Amazingly I only ate half my lunch and ate the rest for dinner. Guess I was trying to make up for all the cake and other crap I ate. Amazingly (again) I didn't gain any weight this week.

TTYL (talk to you later)....

Oh, wait...before I forget again. To you who may have thought I was scoffing (you know who I am talking to) in a negative way at a 17min mile. I was NOT. 17 min miles are nothing to sneeze about. 20 min miles are nothing to sneeze about. I don't care how long it takes someone to do a mile because they are MOVING!! Getting the blood flowing is a good thing, which we should all aim for (the moving part). With that said, I am a competitor (shhhhh don't tell) and most times I go out for a walk I go with the intention of beating my previous time. Like tonight when I get on the treadmill (lets face it-I hate humidity and it's cooler inside; I'd rather walk in the snow) I hope to have a 16 min mile. My goal is 12 min miles. Which yes, requires me to jog faster!! :O)


  1. Yay for time goals!

    I've had the chocolate craving too. Luckily I have none without my reach. I think I cured it with a nice juicy peach :)

  2. Girl, I have been whining about craving cake all morning. Must be one of those days everywhere!

  3. No weight gain after the birthday celebration is really good. That fast walking is working for you.

    If you were scoffing at my 17 minute mile, it went over my head. Any nobody gonna break my stride. Or speed it up.

    I do know about those candy days. Hard to say no; hard to stop at one.

    Cracks me up that Freddie's face is the first thing I see when your blog appears:)

  4. P.S. I mean "ain't nobody gonna break my stride." Too tired to make sense tonight.

  5. Hey there, just wanted to respond to your question. Last night I had posted that Random Ramblings, but had to pull it. I will post it again sometime today. When you delete a post it still shows up on others blog rolls. Sorry! :) Check back this afternoon. Thanks friend!

  6. I've been craving ice-cream for days now.. Argh.. I hate it too :-/


  7. Tori!

    Happy Belated Birthday!! That's great that you could eat some yummy stuff and not gain. Woo Hoo. And all that walking/jogging is SUPER DUPER!!

    Thank you so much for your very thoughtful comment on my last post! That really made my day!!