Sunday, July 25, 2010


“what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive” (Sir Walter Scott)

For some reason this quote sticks out with me recently. As I "re-evaluate" my life, where I'm going, where I'd like to go, what I want to happen, what I need to do to make it happen I stumble on the thought that I've been setting goals and not obtaining them. This leads me to ask myself "I'm I REALLY giving an honest effort?" And I must be honest with my response when it comes to weightloss and getting physically in shape. No, I am not giving an honest effort. I'm longing for the days when not much effort was needed to "lose weight". I remember the days of skipping a meal or two to fit into my "fave pair of blue jeans'. And I am stumped as to how to "fix" this problem. I know what I need to do. I have most of the tools to get the job done. But something in the brain is not connecting and I don't know how to get it connected. I AM capable of more. I know I am.

Yesterday I jogged/walked a 5k for Scott AFB Airforce Ball. I came in second to last, beating the gal behind me only by a step (and I think she did that on purpose). Truthfully I was NOT sad for finishing at the back of the pack because I finished. I also shaved 9 mins off my last time doing 3.4 miles (btw their 5k was 3.4 miles not 3.1). It was very warm, very humid, and the crap in the air was causing me grief (folks were mowing their lawns). The only thing that made me sad was that a 60 year old beat me by a long shot.

Because of the heat and such I've decided that unless it's raining, I'm staying inside on the treadmill to do my work outs and long miles. There just doesn't seem to be a good enough allergy med to help me breathe easier outside during work outs. Short trips around the block don't kill me but going anywhere near the trails cloggs me up and gives me a killer headache.

So, here's to a great week for all of us!


  1. So, if it's raining you plan to walk outdoors? That will be OK for your allergies?

    That's excellent that you did the walk/run yesterday and beat your time by so much. Second-last beats not finishing (or not starting) any day!

    I, too, must face the fact that I'm not totally in the game. UGGHHH!!! I feel like a boat that slipped away from the dock...... UHHHGGG!!! Need that connection, too.

    A great week for all of us is exactly what is needed; thanks for putting the positive vibes out here!

  2. Way to get really honest with yourself. That is the first step!! You know, growing up I watched my mom battle her weight. And so often she would spend so much time "planning" her next way of getting her weight off. She'd journal, and think, and set goals, and set plans for so long, but then she never really seemed to put them into action. I've been overweight since I was a young teen, and I took on that same pattern. I would plan and plan and plan, but never put the plan in action. Funny enough, this time, I don't really have a plan! I have one large goal, and I've set some mini goals along the way. I did choose a eating plan to follow (weight watchers), but other than that, no plan. I'm doing what I want to do for exercise and what sounds fun for that day. I don't really plan my meals (I use to plan them out for every day - even my snacks). If you find yourself stuck in the planning stage, I challenge you to get out of it and just start doing, and then just see where you end up! :)

    Congrats on the 5k!!! I'm proud of you for finishing it, especially in the heat!! Way to go girly!!!

  3. Yes.. you DID finish!! Awesome! Good for you. I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. No fun. I like how you are checking yourself to see if you are being honest with yourself. Those self-reflections are so important to keeping us on track. Just try not to let it get you down. :) Be good to yourself, girl. You deserve it.

    I heard a funny version of your quote above that made me laugh:
    Oh, the tangled web we weave, When first we practice to weave!

    Have a great week!! :)

  4. Congrats on finishing the 5k!

    Also, I just noticed that you're in St. Louis too! Glad to have someone a bloggy friend in the area :)