Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blazing hot...

not me-the weather! Crazy hot even. Zaps all the energy out of me. Top it off I've slept like (insert four letter word) this last week and been overly busy at work. Actually I am very thankful for being overly busy at work; in more ways than one. Anyhow, not only has the weather been crazy hot but storming too. Rains cats and dogs, cooling us momentarly but then hits us right between the eyes with humidity. I don't mind heat but the humidity is knocking me on my (insert four letter word). Today my coworker and I were discussing how much we can't wait for cooler weather, snow even. We are cooler weather outside work out people. We lose weight better (and quicker) in the fall thru spring because we are walking/jogging fools.

Anyhow, my brain is down and out for repair. It should return sometime this weekend and I will have a real post then. I've got a lot to talk about but no energy to share. Have a great Friday!! woohoo for Friday!


  1. I am beginning to think the summer is causing me NOT to eat cause of the

  2. Don't say it, nooooo snooooow.

  3. Boo-hoo for heat and humidity; woo-hoo for Friday! Stay air-conditioned and enjoy your day!