Friday, July 30, 2010

List list I gotta make a list!

I’ve been setting goals but not attaining them. I’m not sure what the problem is and I need to find out.

So I’m going to give Sam’s suggestion a whirl and see if I can't get something amazing accomplished. She suggested (if memory serves correctly) to make a list of the big picture and then take baby steps to get there.

So the big picture for me is to:

· Weigh 150 lbs

· Run 3 miles a day 4x a week

· Participate in 2 ½ marathons a year with end times of 2hr45 mins or less

· Participate in 12 5k’s a year with end times of 40 mins or less

· Making healthy eating choices 90% of the time

· Have a better and honest understanding of what triggers my decisions to not exercise or eat healthy

· Utilize better time management

· Read one book a week

· Have a cleaner house

· Have a better relationship with my faith, husband, sweating, nature, my community, and myself.

Now…how to break it down into baby steps.


  1. Wow! You're super ambitious, I'm impressed.

    My "to read" list keeps getting longer and my "read" list is staying the same. Sad.

    What works for me as far as working out/eating healthy is logging calories and miles everyday. Keeps me honest.

  2. Well, I figure if I keep moving that moving will be easier in the years to come. I also figure if I weigh less than what I do I will be able to move easier as well. Go figure right!?

    My reading list has gotten quite long; I am currently in the middle of 3 books with at least 12 more stacked to the side!

  3. You know, on one hand it's a big list. On the other, I think achieving some of the steps will make it natural to achieve the others.

    You will get there.

  4. "Have a better and honest understanding of what triggers my decisions to not exercise or eat healthy." Really like all of your goals, particularly that one.

    Have you read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?" I haven't, but it's all I keep hearing about! Wish there was a way to exercise and read at the same time. Maybe a book on tape while I treadmill?

    Good job on the list! Have a great weekend! Give Freddie a head noogie for me.

  5. Wow, I feel really honored! :) I love you're list and your goals! I really hope that as you focus on them, and the baby steps to get there, you start to see changes in your life that you expect - and also that you didn't! For me, the ones I didn't expect have been the most rewarding!

  6. Your goals are inspiring and I'm sure you'll be able to reach them! Good luck with them :o)


  7. Hi there! I've given you an award on my blog - come grab it, and don't forget to follow the rules! Thanks for all you do!! :D