Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just so you know...

I did NOT get this way over night. None of this snuck up on me; I did NOT wake up one day and say “I want to be overweight, out of shape, crabby, emotional, whatever…” (Ok, so maybe ONE day I did say I wanted to be fat so that the male species would leave me alone because their attention was not flattering-but only once I swear! And since I did not get this way over night I NEED to REMEMBER (write myself a note even) that it’s going to take time to be healthier, more active, less crabby, etc etc. I’m passed the quick fixes and ready for the positive permanent changes.

I have been doing exceptionally with my eating. I slipped one time over the last 3 weeks (stupid lays bbq chips!!) which is an incredible feat for me. I haven’t deprived myself of ANYTHING (including chocolate ding dongs and ice cream). I’ve been able to control the quantity (until the stupid bleeping chips Sunday night!!). No inhaling of the food for me (until the chips on Friday sign) and I’m thoroughly enjoying the fruits of summer. I bought a watermelon yesterday and it's already half gone.

Last night, after reading some blogs, I jumped on my treadmill. I was encouraged and inspired. I told myself it was ok, that I could do it (all by myself) and told myself to do just one mile alternating between jogging and walking (one minute each). And I did it. I know…it isn’t much. It took me 17 mins. But it’s my step in the right direction and I totally felt great afterwards. MY direction; that has a nice ring to it. You see, I realized yesterday that I’ve been using my reality friends as a crutch. When asked about my walking/half marathon I’ve been encouraging my friends to join me on my journey and get fit with me. I know they want to get fit just like me, they're excited...but there’s a problem. We’re doing this at their pace and I find myself “waiting” for them to want to get moving. I find myself easily distracted and removed from the true task at hand; changing my life for the positive which includes losing weight and getting fit. I’m so not pushing myself when I . And it stopped yesterday. I will not give up walking with friends BUT have to devise a new plan. I jogged/walk again today; 1 min 30 sec jog/1 min 30sec walk. Not sure what tomorrow brings...


  1. Good for you! I have weeks of little motivation, too. I find if I can keep in the habit of eating healthy and running, I crave it. The more I do it, the more I want to.

    Then I go away for the weekend, eat a lot of ice cream and have to start over. :) But it gets easier every time!

  2. That is a great (and funny) viewpoint, about "not getting this way overnight". So true, no matter how it seems like I just woke up one morning with all of this baggage and crabbiness.

    Three weeks with just one doggone Lay's BBQ chip-slip is good!

    Hey, I walk a 17-minute mile. No stealing my thunder! Devise a new plan with your friends, and let us know about it. Maybe you have some personal trainer in you!

  3. Was it my blog on dreams that got you on the treadmill?.smile.

  4. BIGBIGBIG step as thats all this whole shebang is IMO.
    one good day layered on another and turned into a life.

    xo xo


  5. Awesome! Great job on the treadmill!

    I need some of your nutrition motivation-send it my way, please!

  6. This is the first time I visited your blog and I was so struck by how you began this post. Because none of us get this way overnight (although sometimes it seems like it). I find it much easier to exercise with other people and need to be inspired by your jump on the treadmill.

  7. You're so sweet! I read your comment that you left on my blog earlier today and I was like, "How did she find my new blog ..." and then I saw you followed the blogger version of my new blog. That's the same name, but I'm going to be using Wordpress as my platform. I promise when the time comes, I'll put so much spam up on my current blog for everyone to follow the new blog you won't be able to miss it!

    Good work on the treadmill too. I use that walk/run strategy to this day, you hit your mile goal and that's all that matters. Just keep coming back for more :)