Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, I will have my cake and eat it too!!

I am so not going to lie. I ate tons of junk today. I had watermelon, chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese, cheesecake, veggies, Pappys (pulled pork), applesause, cheesecake, captain d's fish (w/corn and mac n cheese), and a huge piece of birthday cake. Oh and a regular soda because the diet soda spout was on the fritz. I ate so much by mid day that I thought I was going to throw up (before noon I had had everything up to the applesauce plus coffee and water). I've not eaten this much in I don't know how long. I kept saying "I can't just waste it...besides it's my BIRTHDAY!!" I can only imagine how many calories I've consumed (and will continue to consume until the cake is gone). I shouldn't have consumed so much and I can give you all sorts of reasons/excuses as to why I did.

Tim says I should take the cake in and share with work but I don't want to. It's MY CAKE; why should I share?? It's chocolate with whipped icing. And my hubby got it for me. I wonder how I got so lucky (mainly with him). I've never been a "lucky" person. Blessed yes, lucky no.

I had such a wonderful day and I'm glad to be forty.


  1. Hope you didn't get sick from all that sugar. Happy birthday

  2. Happy Birthday Wonderful Woman! I'm with you, no sharing! Hoard that beautiful cake.

    Really nice of your husband to get it for you! I hope he is honoring your milestone birthday in many ways, and that you have an overall fabulous weekend!

    Slow down a little on the eating, though. Trust me, you'll feel better about yourself when Monday comes.....

    ENJOY BEING 40!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is extra special!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI ... Forty is FABULOUS!!! You're life is just beginning. :)


  5. Happy Birthday! That cake is making me salivate! I don't think anyone should ever have to diet on their birthday, but I'm like you...I HATE to see yummy food go to waste. Cake actually does incredibly well in the freezer...perhaps you could divide up the cake and freeze it slice by slice and allow yourself one slice a week until it's gone?