Friday, April 1, 2011

Interesting few weeks...

Hello there!  I've been pretty busy at work these last few weeks that I haven't felt like making time to write. I've also not had much to write about (unless of course I've got a set of questions to answer for a challenge). So tonight I'm gonna wing it...whatever comes to brain is what I'll write.

I guess I should start with my weigh in this last Tuesday. Tuesday was my first weigh in in 27 weeks that I have NOT lost any weight. I can't really pin point FOR SURE what the issue was but I've got a few speculations.  Normally I save 10 of my 49 weekly points for the "just in case I didn't calculate my food correctly".  Since in the last few weeks I've "cranked" up (at least for my standards) my work outs (earning between 21 and 27 ww points per week) I've been using all my weekly points but saving my ALL of my activity points. Earning ww points isn't really that easy (yet) so I didn't/don't know if I should have been using some of my activity points (week b4 last I lost 2.8 lbs and before that 1.8 without using any of my activity).  But last weekend (b4 my Tuesday weight in) I also drank some alcohol (which are basically empty/wasted points), which I don't normally do (but I'd like to occasionally) so last week I really didn't feel I should use my activity points. You know, just in case. So the zero change in weight kind of threw me for a loop...cuz I didn't know if it was because I hadn't used any of my 27 points or if my Friday "party" (chicken wings and rum and cokes) were under-calucated even though I wrote it all down and I'm sure I calculated correctly. Oh well--whatever! I'm cool. And I really am--I didn't even cry when the scale didn't budge!

Another thing on my mind this week (my how things come flying out when you think you don't have anything to talk about) is the fact that someone from beachbody emailed me "wanting to ask some questions about my blog". I knew it was a solicitation email but I responded "what are your questions?" The individual responded with "I see you have a weight/fitness blog would you be interested (I don't think those were the actual words but I've since deleted the email) in posting about our products/website?" That torked me off. I'm just a blogger...I'm just looking to type away at the key board and possibly build some friendships along the way. I didnt' establish a blog in hopes of making money from it (or to help others looking to make money). I'm selfish--this blog is about me and the journey I've chosen to take and about others who have chosen similar journeys. So in the future, those selling products and looking to post an ad on my blog-NO THANK YOU.

Alright..I've got to run for a bit. The pugs and I are having movie night after the hubs goes to bed. On the list of what to watch is Hunt to Kill (Steve Austin-who is a retired wrestler by the way); Gran Torino (Clint Eastwood); and The Tooth Fairy (Dwayne *sigh* "The Rock" Johnson-who is returning to wrestling). I have no idea the heck is wrong with me but I am almost obsessed with wrestling these days! I haven't looked at wrestling in like 20 years, never cared for it (OMG such terrible acting and fake fighting), but now I want to watch it like RIGHT THIS MINUTE!! The hubs thinks its funny-I think I might be losing it! Ehhh-whatever-I'm not hurting anyone! :O)

Before I go, here is a fun photo for you. The St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day 2011 was yesterday. It's become a tradition with the hubs and I to go...and I picked me up a new hat....

don't I look kinda cute (with my forced smile)....honestly, I look so much better in person!!

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