Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank you everyone! the race was a success!!!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and words of encouragement!  Race day turned out to be great (even though rain threatened to disrupt the morning and the medals we were to rec never arrived!) and I even have a new PR (gulp)!  Tiina from One Crazy Penquin (great blogger by the way-go ahead-check her out!) was my on site personal cheerleader and let me set the pace. As per the past, I started pretty fast (this is a habit I picked up in Jr. High). I haven't learned to start slow nor have I learned to "control" my breathing.  What's kind of funny is that I assume you are to run at a pace that feels natural and the pace we were going after leaving the start seemed "natural" (until of course my breathing gets out of whack and makes me think I'm going to hyperventilate). Anyhow, we jogged/ran the first mile with little problem; unless you count all the folks we had to weave around (yikers). We saw individuals of all ages, sizes, and shapes-even one with a cane!! There were also some military folks there representing!! Anyhow, we completed the first mile in just over 10 mins (I think 10.39) and proceeded to do the walk jog routine for the rest of the 5k. Poor girl-she's a runner runner and is training for a half marathon but let me call the shots.  She was such a wonderful support for this wanna be runner-like I said, I felt like I had my very own cheerleader by my side!! We finished in 38 mins 22 secs (according to her watch) and 38 mins 41 secs according to Go STL site. Either way, blew my last 5k time (42 mins 20 secs) out of the water!! That's almost 5 mins!! Woot Woot

Have a very great Sunday and talk to you all soon!!! And thanks again!

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