Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Call to my advisors and confidants...

Your help/opinions is needed and appreciated.  As you all know...times are tough; money is tight. Not just for me but for everyone. They are talking about temp lay offs until the government agrees on a budget (my organization relies on funding); which got me to thinking about my budget.  And looking at my budget I notice I need to "curb" some spending (this is where you all come in). I'm wondering if I shouldn't switch my weight watchers program from the "monthly pass" to "online e tools" only. Doing so would shave 28 bucks a month (which in one sense isn't much of a saving but in another every penny counts). I know that I need weight watchers, and I love weight watchers e tools, but I question needing the meetings. Sure I go to weigh in every Tuesday, sure I go to the meetings most of the time (I've been doing weight watchers for 28 weeks and have gone 26 of those weeks to the meetings) but I'm pretty sure I'm to the point where I can use other avenues for meeting support (like you and like the few folks that have joined ww online after seeing how good I am doing on ww). But that scale--can I live without THEIR scale? I'm 45 pounds from goal; which could take 3 months could take 6 months.  At which time the meetings and weigh in would be free...and the online tools would be 12.95 a mo. For some reason I am conflicted...I don't really know why...but I think it has to do more with the scale there than the meetings. But/and my scale works just fine. I use it all the time to gage how I'm doing.  I'm just saying.

I'm looking at other things to cut but there really isn't much that isn't a neccessity. However, I will be cutting any corners I can (eating out is definetly out as is paying for extravaggant races-anything more than $40 and clothes).

Shew, I feel better now. I've been considering this minor change for over a week...but I need outside input.

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