Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Fever week one

What are your goals for the Spring Fever Challenge? (These goals are posted at the right side through the entire challenge, which ends June 12th)

  1.  35 mins jogging 3 times a week (end result is to do 3 miles in the 35 mins)
  2. Before arriving home-stop at the corner near the house, take a deep breath, then proceed home so that I may meet my spouse with a lightened load and a smile on my face ALWAYS.
  3. Be at goal weight by June 12th (goal weight is 135 to 140lbs)
  4. Establish date night twice a month with the hubs (cannot be in the same week) and one girls night a month
  5. Write one thank you note a week and send to recipient.
Why did you choose them?

these are close to my heart...

What is your plan of action to make them happen?

I have no idea and will need plenty of help....

What does this challenge mean to you?

It means I will stay means I have something worth looking forward to...keeps me sharp as a tack (ha ha)...

Fun Question of the Week: Let's get to know each other! What is something most people (er... fellow bloggers) don't know about you?

Oh boy I'm struggling on this one...I really have no "fun" tidbits. I'm just a poor AF Brat from the midwest trying to do get things right!

Fun picture of the week is from a time when I was frightened but fearless....didn't matter where I'd been; just mattered that I was going somewhere else!

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