Monday, March 28, 2011

This IS the final post for Winter Wonderland Warriors!!

I really had a great time with the Winter Wonderland Warriors Challenge that Amy from Lifes Journey with a Smile hosted. Life has often been tough going, filled with the un-controlable, nail biting, heart breaking crap we all despise and any diverson from having to think about some of it is welcome. Doing the challenge allowed me to focus on things I can control, things that will help make me a better person.

At the beginning of the challenge, we chose ten goals (see right side of blog). I had intended to choose ten relatively different goals; instead I choose ten things that essentially lead to three specific goals (health, money, mind). I'm not sure how wise that decision was but that's neither here nor there (at least I can't say that I didn't spread myself too thin!).

I feel like I did really well with majority of the goals. The only goal I'm a bit disappointed in myself with is the "spending less time online, more time reading books". The truth is, I LOVE being online. I love tooling around the internet or playing bejewled on facebook. But this can cause some "tough spots" in life so I need to put this higher on the list of "goals" for the next challenge I participate in. And the health goals were a bit easier to focus on than the money goals; probably because weighing less and looking good makes me feel a whole lot better than paying off a credit card right now. Don't get me wrong, paying the credit cards off is a sweet sweet deal but weighing less is so much sweeter!
So as WWW comes to a close, I leave you with this...something that has brought a smile to my face for the last couple of weeks and I hope can bring a smile to  your face as well....
My picture of the week....

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Yes, just looking at him does SOOO much for me (get your minds out of the gutter folks-he doesn't do THAT for me!)! Who can't think happy thoughts just looking at that photo?!?!?  I have no idea who took the picture but thank you for doing so (the photo either says "What'd you say? I ain't takin that crap!" or "oh yeah, I'll bring it!"). I don't know him personally but from what I read he seems like a nice guy. Not only is he a decent actor and great athlete (who adores his fans) but he supports charity programs geared towards the betterment of children (helping to improve their health, minds)...and anyone who supports our youth and their future is alright by me!!

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