Thursday, March 3, 2011

life lessons and I'm thankful

I really didn't know what to title this post. I'm at a loss for words (verbally speaking)...but I often wonder silently 'Why is it when everything is "right" in my world that everyone elses world falls apart (or seems to fall apart? or falls apart momentarily?)?' This person grandma dies, this persons beloved pug died. This person is having "marital difficulties" (by the way-who hasn't - I mean really, there is no manual for a perfect marriage just a lot of praying) this person is just naturally pessimistic.  Some days it feels like a vicious cycle...soothing others nerves while I internally go "yeah me-I'm doing it!".  But I am thankful because although my world won't always be right, it's right right now.

anyhow, enough of the sob. I've been doing really well with weight watchers. 24 weeks in a row I've had a loss...even when it was only a .2 loss, it was still a loss. And I'm sooooo sooo happy. I can move better, I feel better, I smile more, and I got into some size 14 pants!! (yeah me). I am so so thankful. I've also been doing pretty good with the "exercising". I'm even giving it the "ole college try" (if you knew me well you would know that college was the first thing I really worked at (I was 30 when I went back); which was before hubby and weight watchers. Anywho I've been waking early, skipping my way out the door (OK, only on the first day of the week of getting up tappers off towards the end of the week) to go to the Y. Soon I will be able to skip my way out the door to the street and around the neighborhood when the weather stays warm (and until the sweltering hot-boy I'm getting chatting-yikes!).

I've also been doing well with not spending so much money. And drinking my water. Not so good with writing up meals for my 3x5 cards. Keeping my mouth shut has been relatively easy too (do I really have a choice!! :O) ) at least as it pertains to snippy comebacks.  I've been working on my jogging (I've decided that the turn running is too fast for me and I like to stop and smell the roses now and then) and average 11 min miles (walk/jog combo after the first mile) for the first 3 miles at which time it tappers to 12.5 min miles. Ah...whatEVer! it's all good!

Have a great week!

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