Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Learning to be a morning jogger

Ok…so I got up this morning at 530 am to walk the dog then go to the Y. Although I am a night person by nature, I don’t mind getting up at the but crack of dawn if I have something useful to do…matter of fact I welcome the “something useful” because for whatever reason, getting up at the but crack of dawn makes me feel alive and productive. Majority of this feeling lasts all day…90 % of the time anyhow.

So anyway, I get up this morning, did my thang and out the door I went to get to the Y at 6. During that first half hour of wakefulness, I am grumbling. My legs don’t “feel right”. They don’t feel “energized” for mobility. Walking is cool but much faster than a 4 mph pace and I’m toast. Yes, I know that’s slow. I’m working on it. So, I don’t feel like jogging even though I know I need to because my legs don’t “feel right”; so I walk. Because I am trying something new I don’t have my iPod with me for motivation. I’m attempting allow my mind, soul (whatever) to motivate me- to “think” instead. Except my brain was “silent” this morning, which is truly a first for me. My brain is ALWAYS on; something is always going through it, never a dull moment. A seasoned runner recommended the 5 hour shots (you know, the energy thing) right when I wake up but those things are expensive. AND I’m really not sure about that…will it be a temporary fix until I can get myself “trained” to run without hesitation or will it muck with my “natural awareness feeling” I’ve been lucky enough to experience getting up early? How long will that take to get the excuses out of my system and the energy to my legs? What ever is a girl like me to do? Runners-are you there? This is important to me. I can do it. I just need guidance. Do I continue to get up early to go to the Y, when my legs aren’t “warm” but the timing is right AND gets me warmed up for the day or sleep in, feel like crap most of the day, then do my jogging/running in the late afternoon, taking time away from the hubs and pup? And no, don’t suggest still getting up early but moving the work outs to the afternoon…it’s one or the other!!! I thought about “upgrading” my membership to a fitness center pass but I’m not sure I can justify the $20 a month increase when there are other alternatives available (like the walk/jog/run track, the swimming pool, the street) for less.

You know…I think I’m just being a whiner. Maybe I just need to suck it up and do it? Maybe I just need to suck it up and run around my neighborhood? It isn’t THAT cold outside…no one else has been up that early and driving on the streets but me! Besides spring will be here soon enough when it will be warmer and lighter out earlier.

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