Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Six WWW (is it really week 6?? yikers)

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals? I can't believe it's week six already of this challenge!! My time flies when you're having fun! :O) I seem to have been working more on the financial goals this week than I have the exercising goals. Not a great plan but at least I'm working on something right! I've been able to save myself some money this week, watching the budget as they say and reminding myself of the end result. What is the end result you ask? The end result is to have less credit card bills and a larger nest egg. And to eventually get a new car! :O) Anyhow, I've also watched my tongue (thought before I spoke) but I still need a lot of work on this...or at least the not caring what someone else is saying, not feeling like I've got to defend myself and just doing my own thing. My water intake is still going pretty good (although on the weekends there is still room for improvement) and I'm still participating in weight watchers.

New month! Fresh starts! How are you feeling in February? February came in like a lion...the weather has been incredible (incredibly cold and wet)! I'd be lying if I said that I feel great about February. I don't seem to have the "umpf" I need in the exercise department. I want to be one of those people who loves to work out, who enjoys getting on the treadmill, who looks for ways to be active. But in all honesty I am not. I don't know if I ever will be one of those. I don't know if I will ever be one of those who has come to the understanding/appreciation for such activities. But the truth is I NEED TO FIND THE APPRECIATION AND GET MY ASS MOVING (excuse my french!) because I for one do not have a high metabolism! And I'm getting older. And staying slim takes more than watching what I eat. (or so I'm told). So please, SEND HELP SOON!!

Are you competitive? Do you find that seeing how well {or not so well} others do pushes you? As amazing as it sounds, I'm pretty competitive. If I know that I'm literally and figuratively speaking going to compete against someone else I will work my ass (opps sorry-excuse the french) off to win. If I see someone else accomplish great things (whom I didn't know could accomplish said great things) it motivates me. I think that secretly I'm still in high school and that's were I get this "oh no you didn't..I can do it too and probably better". As much as I'm embarrassed to admit, I want to be bragged about amongst the "cool kids".

What is your favourite outdoor winter activity? {Southerners can answer winter if they visit the snow, or just what you like to do outside}. Can we say "Pansy". I don't have a favorite winter activity unless it involves winter LEAVING!! I'm soooooooooo over snow. and sleet. and ice. I just want some sun. Warm sun. Not hot sun. Warm sun.

Fun Question of the Week: What would be your ideal way to spend a Saturday night? I'll keep this clean in case someone younger than 18 is reading my blog (ha ha ha). My ideal Saturday night would at the local hockey stadium, watching some good hockey from a few rows in. I'd get to eat my popcorn, drink some diet soda, and scream my lungs out for the home team. I'd even let my husband come if he's good!
And the photo of the week will be....

This photo is from June 2007. It was my first experience with running since High School; which was about 18 + years before. I had been working my legs before/after work (1 mile each) and doing the stairs (12 flights) during lunch for quite some time. I decided I wanted to participate in the work sponsored Special Olympics Torch Run and thought I could "hang". It would only be 3 miles and I wouldn't be carrying the torch. What I didn't take into consideration is that the others participating were in very very good shape (not only did their jobs require them to be in great shape, THEY LIKED BEING IN GREAT SHAPE), many who ran daily. About 3/4 a mile in I was winded and snuck into support vehicle behind us. Once they realized what happened they got me out of the car. They weren't mean about it, they just knew I could do it. I know I held them up and slowed them down. But they were so encouraging and wouldn't let me slack (aka ride in the support vehicle). As we approached the finish, those who are up ahead circled back and we all finished at the same time. I miss those folks...I wish I had the faith in me that they did that day!

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