Monday, February 21, 2011

WWW-Week Eight {February 21, 2011}

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals? Got my head out of my rear-end to start. Last Tuesdays weigh in was a bee-hive and nearly sent me into a tizzie (ok it did but the tizzie only last about 10 hrs). But after my ww meeting on Tuesday night on Wed, Thurs and Sat I ran/jogged...2 miles each on the week day and 8.93 on Saturday. I've been drinking as much water as possible, often skipping diet sodas to get water in. I've also (for the most part) kept my mouth shut when someone has said something rude, incensitive, or just plain ignorant to me. And it's been hard because it must be that TOM because I'm super snippy inside...I'm gonna start handing out signs soon!!!
Pretty much everywhere this past week experienced some mild weather – did this change have any effect on you? Yes. To be honest, the weather is pissing me off. GET WARM ALREADY!! was soo sooo nice on Saturday; I wish everyday were like Saturday. I can't stand the rollar coaster ride the weather is giving us...not only does it wreck havoc on my sinuses/allergies but my mood is swinging just as quickly.

Walk us through your ideal workout. My ideal work out, plain and simple, would be a 3 mile run out on the trails. period. Nothing else. RUN not WALK. RUNNNNNNN. I've worked up to a mile and a half without I'm almost there!!

What happened in the last week that you have to brag about? I ran walked 8.93 miles in 2 hours. My fastest mile was the first one at 10 mins...the rest averaged at 13 mins. I did this with the help of my new running bud/unoffical coach Kristie. Thank you Kristie!!!

Fun Question of the Week: Spring Fever has hit the stores… what’s your favorite thing to shop for in the Spring? Wedges. I LOVE WEDGES. I got some on clearence this week (you did notice earlier that I did not put down that I worked on the "spend less save more" right!? cuz I didn't). I used to like shopping for capries but I've put a cubosh on buying pants for a while. Yes, I can save some money some days.
And now, for the picture of the week....
The Washington Monument. When I saw the Washington Monument for the first time in person last summer I thought: beautiful, powerful, and unwavering. Three words I'd love to consider myself.

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