Monday, February 14, 2011

week seven WWW

What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals? This is a bit of a catch 22. I CAN say that any money spent this week was due to necessity rather than desire/joy/fill an empty spot. One of my goals is to “spend less, save more” and another “Jog 3 miles in 35 minutes (or less)”. Sometimes you can’t do one without investing with the other. This week I purchased a basic membership at the local YMCA. This membership will allow me to use an indoor track, pool, and gym (basketball type gym). The membership also lets me participate in work out classes at a discount.

What goal are you doing best on? Try to talk about the goals you still have left, address whether you’ve completed some, but focus on ones you still have to complete. I honestly don’t think that I am working more on one specific goal than another. Yes, some goals have fallen to the side (3x5 cards for 10 restaurants w/3 meals each place, running a 5k/10k) but most do intertwine with each other. I can’t run faster or longer if I don’t lose some more weight so I have to learn to control splurge eating by going to weight watchers meetings. I can’t run a 5k/10k all the way if I don’t dedicate time to running 3 miles at one time. And I can’t pay for weight watchers/gym memberships if I don’t cut out “splurge spending” (which is what I should have called the “spend less/save more”).

What goal do you have to push yourself a little more to complete? What is your plan to do so? The jogging/running 3 miles under 35 minutes or less is the goal that I really am having to push myself to do. I’m not sure what the plan of action really is. I did get the YMCA membership and the new shoes (which are divine by the way-doesn’t even feel like I’ve got shoes on when jogging). There is a YMCA run club that I’m thinking of joining but they try to do 4 miles in one hour or less. I can run/jog 1 mile in 14 mins…so technically I could do it but who suffers (me or the other real runners)?

We’ve talked about who pushes us to do better with our goals – is there anyone/thing that hinders you? Talk about a kick in the go-nads. I realized the answer to this on Thursday when I met up with someone at the gym. She had me aim for a mile non stop (since the furthest I’d previously gone was ¾ mile). I did the mile in 14 minutes 8 seconds. And the realization was that I AM WHO HINDERS ME. I can accomplish so much, do so much more, but I hold back.

Fun Question of the Week: Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you have any special plans for the day? It’s okay if you think it’s a Hallmark holiday that you wish to boycott! No special plans at this household. I mailed a card to the hubs (yes he lives in the same household but I wanted him to get something other than junk mail). We’ll probably just have dinner and continue to enjoy each others company!!
And for the picture of the week...It's been seen before but I need the reminder!

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