Friday, February 18, 2011

a week in review...

I thought I would drop by and have a chat.  I've been super busy lately and have had very little time to write. I miss writing! This last week was a bit rough at first..I had to eat crow.  You see, I weighed in on Tuesday and lost .2 lbs.  I needed .4 to hit 30 lbs lost. I was upset despite my always saying "as long as its a loss I'll be happy!" I "couldn't" understand why there wasn't  a bigger loss..I had been "working out" this week.  Well ya I'd been working out but I also ate a few items I shouldn't have and got too close to breaking even on the points. I never went over my points but I always like to have a "cushion" in case I miss calculated points. At the meeting that night, the "support ball" (ww name tags wadded together) was offered out and it was suggested "maybe someone who needs to lose .2". I shrugged and said sure. She wasn't meaning it in a mean way. She wasn't trying to put me on the spot. She did ask where I planned on storing it (she always asked) and that's when I started to tear up. All day I had been feeling like "you are always so close but never there. You always put in some effort but not all of your effort. Partial effort get partial results."

I stayed after and talked with my leader. I felt much better afterwards. I may always be a day late and a dollar short but I always show up! And I continued to jog/walk this week and will continue to do so (I've jog/walked Sun, Mon, Weds, Thurs, and I'm going out tomorrow for 6) because it isn't always about the scale. Sometimes it's about how my body feels, how my clothes fit, how my attitude is improving! So it was a good week after all!

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