Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you Blubeari for showing us a new gadget!!

I'm having such a wonderful week!! First Marge had some uplifitng words for me (she always does). Then Katie introduced me to Amy who is having a Winter Wonderland Warriors project. Then I lost .4 pounds with WW. Then I fit into my size 16 jeans (a bit snug for my preference but I could put my hands in my pocket!). Then I learned of a new "gadget" (for a lack of better words) from Blubeari. She was having the same concern as I and voiced it. She wondered about commenting back to folks when they left a message on her blog. How she found the gadget I don't know, but I'm very thankful. The gadget is called Disqus. I have installed it on my blog and can now reply to peoples posts. They in turn should get an email saying "hey tori responded to your post". Totally cool right!!  So far so good!

And to top the work week, the hubs is taking me on a DATE tomorrow night!! We're going to a hockey game!! I can't wait to get all dolled up and hit the ice with my boo, cheering on our Blues!! woot woot.

Happy New Year's everyone! I'll be posting my WWW post in the next couple of days. I could do it now but I haven't a clue on how to link it back to Amy's blog.  so I'll have to figure it out later...although the picture to the right--->the blue one---->if you click on it it should take you to Amy's "Lifes a Journey with a Smile" blog....does that count as linking back??? TTYL

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