Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Grumpy to Inspired

My morning didn't start off on the right foot. At 4am lil man decided he wanted to get up and go outside. He's also a lil conjested which concerns me because he's so lil and has a flat nose (you did realize I was talking about my dog right!?) and more suseptible to illiness. Also, I only lost .4 pounds this week. I'm now .4 pounds away from my 10% goal. Each week I hear myself saying "maybe next week. maybe next week." My hubby was kind enough to remind me that a loss is fantastic considering it was the week of Christmas when people are expected to gain. I'm not "heartbroken" but I am a lil bummed. I couldn't of lost .4 more? WTF. Grrr...humpfff...

But my day has brightened. The hubs came and took me to lunch. It was soooo nice. We never get to have lunch together during the week! And then I was doing some blog reading and came across an interesting challenge. And I've decided to give it a shot. I’ve opted to join Amy’s Winter Wonderland Warriors project, which I found through Katie’s blog . And it “spoke” to me (it involves list-I like lists). And get this, It’s not just about weight loss (unless that’s what you want to focus on). It's about not letting the cold sad winter blues beat us down!! It’s also about support and accountability. And we could ALL use a little of that right? I know I can.

The challenge runs 13 weeks (Jan 3rd to March 28th) and requires participants to establish 10 goals they wish to complete/work on in that time frame. It also involves various outlets of communications (Twitter, your blog, Amy’s blog, your friends blog, and sometimes your email) as well as responding to weekly questions via your blog on your weekly (Monday) updates. I will admit that I’m not real good at communicating. I do try to comment on others blogs but I haven’t gotten the knack for responding to responses on my blog. I haven’t put that “issue” (responding to responses) on my list of 10; please know that I enjoy your responses and do not take them lightly.

Anyhow, without further ado here are my 10 goals for the WWW project.

Tori’s Winter Wonderland Warriors Commitment-13 Weeks of Continued Success
1. Pay off 3 small credit card bills (G, HD, & S)

2. Spend less, save more (instead of buying off the cuff, put the money for the item in my savings account. At the end of 13 weeks-March 28th-choose one of those items and purchase. The rest of the money stays in savings)

3. Continue attending Weight Watchers Meetings (59 more pounds to Lose; 35 by March 28th)

4. Jog 3 miles in 35 minutes (or less)

5. Participate in three (3) 5k’s (running two of them entirely).

6. Participate in one (1) 10k (running at least four miles of it)

7. Play less on the computer so I can read more books

8. Drink 75 ounces of water DAILY. (It’s important to keep one’s body flushed)

9. Think before I speak. Sometimes what comes out of my mouth doesn’t sound very nice even though I don’t intend it to sound nasty. I need to step back, take a deep breathe, and ask myself “does this really warrant a quick, snappy response or should I just let it go?”

10. Create 3x5 cards with 3 Weight Watcher friendly meals from 10 different restaurants

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  1. I am really excited that you are going to participate in the challenge! I think the thing I'm loving thus far is how many new blogs I've found!! I love your goals - they are so ambitious!

    I wanted to have a money oriented goal and I love the idea of "Spend less, save more!" I still haven't revealed my goals (I'm waiting until the first day) so I might keep that one in mind!